Elder races are the oldest and longest-lived beings in the Retroverse. They existed prior to many of the other races ever crawled onto land the view the sky. Alien, strange, rarely bipedal, they have been forever and will live forever. Their masters vary, but the Elder races ultimately worship powers often long forgotten and far more powerful than many mortals can imagine. To view them is to get an insight into the raw primal chaos of matter. Is it no wonder that many races go insane by associating with such arcane beings?

Elder races vary in appearance and are constantly varying, for the essence of Chaos runs strong in their pulpy veins. They are mental disease carriers - if they contract a mental disease, they will spread it contagiously. They are also eternal. No Elder can die of old age unless it is destroyed through violence.

Worse, many Elder races seek to resurrect the Elder Gods. The greatest Elder God of all, the Nameless One, is rumored to have been awakened. The Elder Races await its return…

Elder Races: argus, bloodworm, myconoid, slaad, vipyr, yaag-nesh

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