Races: werewolf
Level: 20
Activation time: 5
Offensive: No
EP Cost: 60
Range: Room

This command turns a werewolf into a huge, hulking, wolf-like beast resembling the prehistoric dire wolf. The head and jaws are massive, and the bite of a dire wolf (through the feast command) can cause dire injuries. Its wolf-like legs allow it to run on all fours. The dire wolf has no hands and can not easily hold objects. Dire wolves have several advantages, including the ability to hunt, howl with a pack, sniff their surroundings, and feast on their enemies. To return to normal type 'werewolfform'.


Str: 100 Con: 105 Siz: 108
Agi: 95 Dex: 10 Per: 90
Int: 25 Wis: 25 Cha: 10

Can see in ultradark, dark and light.
Keen sense of smell and hearing.
Ravenous eater.

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