POWER: dsleep
Races: dragon
Level: 10
Activation time: 7
Offensive: No
EP Cost: 30
Range: Room
Like other reptiles, dragons shed their skin upon growing. However, dragons grow in spurts. These enormous growth spurts make the dragon eternally hungry and also requires long periods of hibernation. As a result, dragons must gather thousands of gold pieces to sleep upon for each growth spurt (dragons can grow 10 times throughout their lives). Upon doing so, the dragon will awaken again considerably larger. The very first growth is the most important, for it is at this time that a dragon's color is determined based on its alignment. This color will stay with the dragon the rest of its life — after that moment the dragon's breath weapon and resistances/vulnerabilities will match its color. Dragons magically absorb the gold they sleep on, so there is a heavy price to pay. Rumor has it that dragons dream while sleeping, seeing all manner of things. Each stat increase (including size) causes a loss of exp rate. Sleeping also removes all scars as the dragon sheds its skin.

Gold cost is 1,000 gold per level and gold must be placed on the ground to activate this power.

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