Drakhen Scale Colors

Drakhen breathweapons are dictated by their scale color. Though drakhen are born without scale coloration as they grow they shed their skin replacing it with a new skin of colored scales. Dragons do so through dsleep, while Tortles and Dragonians molt. A dragon's scale color is permanently determined the first time they dsleep and may only be changed through reincarnation. Dragonians and Tortles may change their scale color each time they molt. Molt and dsleep are both expensive, decreasing the users experience rate permanently which leads many to either never dsleep/molt or to do so only once.

Scale color is determined by a drakhen's alignment when they shed their skin.

Scale Color Common name Lightest Alignment Darkest Alignment Element Energy Point Cost Additional Effect
Argent Silvery White Angelic Saintly Cold 45 None
Rose Pink Heavenly Heroic Asphyxiation 45 Makes Foes Drown
Gules Red Benevolent Charitable Fire 75 Lights Foes on Fire
Sanguine Dark Blood Red Benign Decent Acid 75 Melts Equipment off Foes
Tenneacute Orange Genial Thoughtful Electric 100 Interupts Foes' Concentration
Brunatre Brown Cordial Considerate Poison 75 Poisons Foes
Or Golden Yellow Tolerant Tolerant Sonic 75 None
Vert Green Neutral Intolerant Poison 75 Poisons Foes
Blue-Celeste Sky Blue Inconsiderate Callous Cold 45 None
Azure Blue Insensitive Spiteful Electric 100 Interupts Foes' Concentration
Murrey Purplish Red Heartless Sinister Sonic 75 None
Purpure Purple Malicious Malevolent Fire 75 Lights Foes on Fire
Cendree Ash Gray Villanous Devilish Asphyxiation 45 Make Foes Drown
Sable Black Fiendish Diabolical Acid 75 Melts Equipment off Foes
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