Drakhen are one of several metaraces which inhabit the retroverse. Playable drakhen races include, dragon, dragonian, and tortle. Drakhen races share a single language by the same name. All three Drakhen races share the unique ability to breathe a breathweapon related to their scale color. Drakhens share a rich ancient history

"Drakhen legend says that there once was a seventh world in the Retroverse, and on this world the Drakhen originated. The legends are unclear on what destroyed this world, but it was destroyed, and its people wandered across the six planets until most settled at Drakhen Mon.

"The fearsome reputation of the Drakhen is due to the fame of the Dragons, who do indeed hoard gold and possess fearsome natural weaponry. However, the other Drakhen are more peaceful than their reputation suggests. The humanlike Dragonians, who live on Sosel along with Dragons, collect works of art and philosophy instead of gold, and work toward maintaining a balance in their world. At the other extreme from Dragons are the Tortles, who have taken to the seas of Wysoom, and hoard knowledge for future generations.

"Those who face Drakhen should know that their colors determine which breath weapon each uses (HELP BREATHE), and that Tortles and Dragonians may change color several times throughout their lives. The color of a Dragon, however, is not only permanent, but also gives it a vulnerability which an opponent may exploit."

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