Drain Skull

Spell Characteristics

Casting time: 1
Spell cost: 25
Affecting stats: Wisdom
Resisting stats:
Spell Category: Healing
Spell Level: 2
Offensive: No
Spell Targetting: Caster
Location: Anywhere
Range: Close
Components: SM
Material Components: Skull (1 charge)

Humanoid Healing: 100
Animal Healing: 100
Fish Healing: 100
Insect Healing: 100
Plant Healing: 100
Non-Flesh Healing: 50
Undead Healing: 40
Alignment Healing: 0

Spell Description

With this spell, a Hand draws on the spiritual energies of his victims to heal himself. This power works on heads created with the grisly trophy skill.


This skill really isn't very useful. Hands get precious little SP, and once you have a decent amount you have far better things to spend it on. It doesn't help that unless you pick a secondary with a decent wisdom increase, you're probably going to heal yourself faster by spamming first aid, especially if you're a non-flesh or undead race, and since you need a corpse for every use of the spell unless you're a vodounist, that puts a limit on how much you can cast it.

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