Dexterity (abbr. Dex)— This ability determines upper body speed and
precision. It affects your endurance point total.
HIGH DEX = Can catch flies out of the air.
Example: A very fast typist.
LOW DEX = Can barely hold onto a sword.
Example: Typing with your forehead.
NEGATIVE DEX EFFECT: Beings with a low Dexterity have an impaired chance of successfully executing skills. In addition, somatic spells, which require hand gestures, become impossible to cast.

Dexterity Races
Unsurpassable Gremlin, Hephestian
Excellent Arakun, Atomy, Gnome, Muridan
High Goblin, Leprechaun, Satyr, Shadow
Good Arcanus, Boelir, Kanku
Average Catfolk, Devil, Dhampir, Elf, Flynd, Irrdu, Jinn, Vulpin
Moderate Anakim, Centaur, Changeling, Dragonian, Dwarf, Giant, Gorgon, Human, Kizanki, Mummy, Myconoid, Uruk, Vampire
Low Bloodworm, Illex, Kreen, Slaad, Thuul, Tywimn, Vipyr, Werewolf
Bad Drensieqi, Papua, Selkie, Tortle, Troll, Xodar
Poor Dragon, Ettin, Gargoyle, Kuroa, Yaag-nesh
Horrible Argus, Behemoth, Homarid, Minotaur, Pudding, Suula, Titan, Treant, Unicorn
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