Desert Valley Pass

A merchant guard has appeared before the council's representatives on Raji with news of a terrible tragedy. It seems this cowardly guard was one of many escorting a trade caravan across the sands of Sh'ara when they were set upon by an enormous force of brigands. The guard panicked upon seeing such hopeless odds and fled from his comrades as they were pushed into a small desert valley while fighting for their lives. The guard swears that he knows at least one of the caravaners has survived and found safety, though trapped within the valley, but he refuses to divulge further details while he is being detained under threat of punishment for breach of contract with the merchant council. Elsewhere on Raji, a rumor has surfaced that has been going around for weeks prior to the attack about a powerful item of great value and arcane interest being discreetly circulated amongst the trade routes on Sh'ara. It is said that if its secrets can be unlocked, an entirely new and powerful system of magic could be developed from the knowledge contained therein. These rumors purportedly attracted the attention of a young brigand leader who recently rose to power while backed by a mysterious and influential agent. With seemingly endless resources, this charismatic leader has gathered the greatest force of brigands Raji has ever seen, and hired countless entire mercenary companies to strike at the caravan which was said to be carrying the item of interest. As far as rumors go, most of these things are confirmed, but there are many questions remaining. The merchant guard who fled from the caravan attack has little else to say on the matter except that the brigands who ambushed them must have numbered in at least the tens of thousands, and that as he made his escape he witnessed the entire valley being enveloped in an unnatural green light…

Levellock 20. This is a dark green V on the north end of Sh'ara.

There's some rather painful specials on some of the big mobs here.


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