Demonic Bargain
Action duration: 2 Endurance cost: 15
Affecting stats: wis,per
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: religious Skill Level: 7
Skill Type: Anytime Skill targetting: special
Offensive: No Location:
This skill allows the cultist to bargain with a summoned demon to perform
tasks for the cultist. Due the chaotic and voliate nature of demons your
wisdom and perception aid in the success of bargaining.
Some commands you can do:
use demonic bargain at <command>


This skill allows you to command demons you summon through the demonic gate spell.
Some commands are:

attack The demon attacks with you.
unattack The demon stop attacking with you.
follow The demon will follow you around.
unfollow The demon will stop following you around.
dismiss Dismisses the demon, sending it back into the wild.
get <object> The demon picks up the specified object.
wield <weapon> The demon wields the specified weapon.
drop <weapon> The demon drops a specified object.

The demon can also be commanded to emote or perform some other player actions (such as entering pods). You are encouraged to experiment with this skill.

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