Demon Familiar


Casting time: 2 rounds
Spell cost: 100
Spell level: 3
Spell category: Conjuration
Affecting stats: Wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: notarget
Range: room
Components: VSM
Alignment: Cannot be Good.
Patron Power cost: 50


This spell allows a Cultist to gate into existence his most powerful and important companion in casting: a demonic familiar. While familiars are fragile beings, their ability to control the often uncontrollable demon magicks that Cultists employ makes their assistance a necessity. The familiar type varies by demon patron, but in all cases the familiar acts as a buffer against fumbled cultist spells.
Demon familiars are also used as a medium into which a Demonist can place the spirit of a Lesser Demon, using the 'empower familiar' skill. The power of this type of Familiar is also affected by the casters skill in 'demon lore'.


This spell summons a familiar that absorbs the cultist's spell fumbles. The type of familiar is determined by the cultist's patron sin. The familiar can also be used as the focus for various Demonist spells. If the familiar dies, the cultist will lose a small amount of status. Otherwise, the familiar will remain in existence until dismissed with the "dismiss" command while it is in the room or it starves to death.

Name Mythra Luujurr Aviir Ozyd Envyd Orgul Vielfrass
Familiar Shrew Spider Crow Slug Toad Snake Tick

The cultist may only have one familiar at a time. If the cultist attempts to summon a familiar while they have one in existence, the cultist will receive a warning that the next attempt will destroy the familiar and cost the cultist a small amount of status. Attempting to summon a familiar another time will do so.

Note that the familiar (save the crow) does not fly naturally, nor breathe underwater naturally (although the familiar can breathe in the room they have been summoned.

As a summonable, they are affected by the level lock bug, wherein they can be summoned but can not follow the summoner if they are in an area that has previously had a level lock BELOW the summoner's level.

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