Danowyr Battlefield

*Tired of taking a passive role in the war against Evil, the Order of the Danowyr has amassed an army and invaded the lands of crypt. Naturally, the denizens of crypt quite objected to this assault and countered with an army of their own. The battle has been going on for quite a time now, leaving a situation ripe for adventurers of all types.

Scorched Earth
The ground in this area has been scarred and devastated by the battle
raging on to the west. The earth itself is blackened and corpses litter
the ground. Clearly, this is a battleground of some import.

The Danowyr battlefield is an area on crypt. It has a minimum level lock of 60 and a party size limit of 4 . It contains an army of human danowyr battling necromancers and undead. It was coded by Fjorn and went into the game on Jan 4th, 2007.
Directions from ngate igneous: sw, 13w, sw, 6s



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