Cultist Contracts

Blood Contracts are a Cultist guild mechanic representing the sale of the contractor's soul to the cultist.

There are two means of entering into a contract with a cultist:
Evil Resurrection — By far the most common method, this brings a dead player to life. The power (or percentage) of the contract is determined by the contractor when they accept evil resurrection from the cultist. The cultist is notified when an evil resurrection is accepted, and at what percentage.
Binding Contract — The second method, this spell removes scars and diseases, and heals a fair amount (although not as much as Hellheal). A Binding Contract is accepted simply by being in the same party as the cultist (and cannot be cast if the target is not in the cultist's party), and produces a contract of random percentage.

The command to collect on a contract is: collect <option>
The command always targets the first (or most recent) contract on the ground, before checking the cultist's inventory, thus it may become necessary to shuffle contracts around (usually by dropping contracts in other locations or placing them in containers).
A contract can only be collected once before it is expended. The percentage of the contract determines the likelihood (and perhaps amount) that a contract can be successfully collected, with the exception of status.

There are several ways for a cultist to collect on a contract:
HP — This transfers HP from the contractor to the cultist.
SP — This transfers SP from the contractor to the cultist.
EP — This transfers EP from the contractor to the cultist.
disease — This transfers any diseases from the cultist to the contractor.
poison — This switches the poison status between the cultist and the contractor.
hunger — This switches the hunger status between the cultist and the contractor.
scar — This switches the number of scars between the cultist and the contractor.
location — The cultist and the contractor exchange locations.
status — This exchanges a contract for a small amount of cultist status. Only contracts created from the Evil Resurrection spell can be exchanged for status. If the contractor is offline, then a cultist may only collect status from a contract.

While status is, by far, the most likely way a cultist will collect on a (Evil Resurrection) contract, a cultist is by no means compelled to do so: they may choose to use it for other purposes, or hold onto it for later use. A cultist may use a contract in any way they desire, even if the results prove inconvienent or even fatal to the contractor. If the contractor is adversely affected by the collection of a contract, it is by no means a valid reason to retaliate against the cultist.

Thus, it is often wise to be polite and respectful to cultists, as any cultist from whom you accept resurrections or cures can decide to collect maliciously. This does not happen often — cultists with a reputation for abusing contracts quickly find themselves passed up for more friendly cultists or even a templar in a pinch — but it does pay to be on your best behavior when dealing with a cultist.

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