WEATHER: Crypt has no weather, as the entire world is underground. This also
means that most of Crypt is very dark, and it is well advised that any
travellers have a portable source of light before venturing outside of the

CULTURE: Crypt is a dead world, considered uninhabitable enough that few
races from even Perdow would consider staying there for long. Here, all is
dead and lifeless to those who have no appreciation for the minerals within.
To the geologist or miner, Crypt is a world of incredible wealth. Many a
miner's skeleton is often found within the tunnels of Crypt, for it is below
that the world thrives. Necromancy is not just a kind of magic, it's a way
of life. Necromancy serves the necessary purpose of keeping the cities
going and providing the manpower of the masses that normally would not exist
because of Crypt's small populace. Despite its obvious lack of human
comforts, Crypt thrives above and below due to the unique ecologies of the
races that inhabit it.

PEOPLE: The people of Crypt are foreign and alien to the outsider.
Gargoyles find the place hauntingly beautiful, and they often glide silently
along the dark tunnels, unhindered due to the lack of sunlight. Puddings
find Crypt to be truly beautiful - and tasty - as they find Crypt's minerals
delicious. Myconoid inhabit the corpses that the necromancers do not snatch
up. Dwarves love the planet most of all, where they tunnel endlessly in
search of gold, adamantium, and other precious minerals to trade with the
other races. The Xodar are said to be made of the very of the planet itself.
The Gorgon turn all that dares meet their gaze to stone - although only the
Gargoyles have any eyes to see with, and they simply turn back from their
stone forms at will.

shafts: Crypt doesn't have a single world transporter. Instead,
there is a series of 10 bottomless shafts scattered around the world outside
of its main city, marked as 'S' on the maps. 5 of these shafts lead to the
other worlds, 5 lead nowhere. Their configuration changes on occasion.

CITIES: Crypt has two cities. The main economic center is Igneous City which
is located in the northeastern part of the world. Most essential services
can be found here, as well as a good portion of the world's populace. The
other city is Borales, located in the northwestern part of the world. A
smaller city formerly overrun by the undead, it had few remaining open shops
until the citizens of Crypt decided to rebuild the city into the cavern wall.
Now Borales is slowly regaining its life and outerwold citizens are starting
to enjoy the benefits of having new shops and homes available to them .

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