*Rumors have been spreading in Sauronan about a strange traveller that died in the arms of a Sentinel. The human man had suffered greatly before he died, due to beaing badly beaten. He was barely able to speak, but was able to say how long he had travelled, where he had travelled from, and a single word else: "giants". The onlookers retold this story furiously in the coming days, and a search party was sent out to find out what the man was speaking of. The lone survivor returned to the city days later, dying. He held a torn piece of black cloth in his hand, pointed east, and passed away in the street. The city council decided there on the spot to leave the matter at rest. It is now up to you, mortals, to find the answers to the mysterious deaths.

In game October 3, 2005. Found at A Wide Trail on map level 3.

More than 88 rooms, there's an uncleavable locked door at the north end.

The dome in the center has a confusing layout and some fairly big, stunny wandering gladiators.


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