Critical Aim

Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 3
Endurance cost: 5
Affecting stats: Perception
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: Light Combat
Skill Level: 3
Skill Type: Anytime
Skill Targetting: Living

Skill Description

This skill will aid you in making a critical hit with the backstab skills. Use this skill before you backstab a target. The effects of this skill do not stack. Training in the assess skill make this skill more effective. This skill provides bonuses to: backstab, stab, blind, arterial slash, nerve strike, hamstring.


This skill is fairly useful in conserving your EP by spending a very small cost to increase the chance that your next hit will be a critical. Very useful for making sure every last skill counts if you're among the first to tap, but if you're not have a trouble with how fast you tap, it's probably better not to use this so you can use your skills faster.

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