Create Minor Potion
Action duration: 5 Endurance cost: 30
Affecting stats: wis per
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: mercantile Skill Level: 9
Skill Type: Non combat Skill targetting: special
Offensive: No Location:
Components: bag of herbs (expendable), glass distillation column (reusable)
This skill can be used to create potions. It requires an empty potion bottle,
any fundamental, and a distillation column. A bag of herbs provides the
ingredients, and is used up.
All potions created are useful, unless you fumble the skill.
Usage: use create minor potion at <type of fundamental>
Note, an empty bottle must be on the ground to hold the potion.
use create minor potion at <type of fundamental>


The potions created with this can be donated at the guild for dues.
The spells identify and greater identify or the skill potion tasting can be used to ascertain what a potion does.

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