Create Altar


Casting time: 7 rounds
Spell cost: 200
Spell level: 18
Spell category: conjuration
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: notarget
Range: room
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Good.


This spell creates a holy altar to Sikkar. To cast it, the Templar must be in a room that is sanctified with the sanctuary spell. Upon casting it, the Templar must then 'charge' the altar with bless spells. For each 'charge' in the altar, one character may 'pray' at the altar, once per boot. Depending on the prayer's alignment, a boon will be granted to the pious. If the character is unfaithful, Sikkar will let them know. If the character is evil… well, Sikkar will let them know that too.


Due to the limitations on sanctuary, it is impossible to create an altar in a city or a castle. See altar for operational details. Greater miracle makes this spell mostly unnecessary. Altars persist until boot. The benefits for being good aligned and using a charged altar ranged from a Bless for the lowest good alignments to a Greater Miracle for the highest (Saintly/Angelic). Any Templar can Bless an altar made by another Templar.

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