Constitution (abbr. Con)— This determines how physically sturdy and healthy your cha
racter is. It affects your hit point total.
HIGH CON = Never gets sick, rarely gets tired.
Example: A bear.
LOW CON = Always getting sick, has a lot of allergies.
Example: A butterfly.
NEGATIVE CON EFFECT: Beings with negative Constitution will find their bodies give ou
t and die.

Constitution Races
Unsurpassable Minotaur, Papua, Thuul, Troll
Excellent Dwarf, Giant, Xodar
High Behemoth, Dragon, Dragonian, Ettin, Flynd, Gargoyle, Treant, Tywimn, Uruk
Good Boelir, Devil, Homarid, Muridan, Myconoid, Slaad, Titan, Tortle, Werewolf, Yaag-nesh
Average Argus, Catfolk, Centaur, Dhampir, Gnome, Gorgon, Illex, Kuroa, Pudding, Satyr, Vampire, Vipyr
Moderate Anakim, Arcanus, Changeling, Goblin, Human, Irrdu, Jinn, Kizanki, Kreen, Leprechaun, Mummy, Selkie, Unicorn
Low Bloodworm, Elf, Kanku, Suula, Vulpin
Bad Arakun, Gremlin
Poor Atomy, Drensieqi, Hephestian, Shadow
Horrible none
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