Consider Humanoid
Action duration: 3 Endurance cost: 1
Affecting stats: per
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: general combat Skill Level: 1
Skill Type: Non combat Skill targetting: living
Offensive: No Location:
This skill can be used to give information about your target.
The higher your percentage in this skill the more information that
will be given.
use consider humanoid at <target creature>


This skill, despite sounding useful, is in fact rarely useful. Even things that you have a higher experience level than can stand a chance of defeating you, so it's usually better to use player opinion or Jomsviking Considering to see how strong something is. Despite that, it does have it's uses. It only works on humanoid targets, making it a way to tell if a monster is humanoid or not without killing it first. Also, seeing the mob's HP compared to yours can also be useful, especially in an instance where you may want to take out an enemy in 1 shot, such as using backstab to farm mobs that stun heavily or give out warrants.

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