City Of The Dead

This is really hard area for the exp and equipment is not worth it at all so I recommend only going here if you want to explore.

There are 4 stone crypts you must kill at the bottom kill the priests prot then open the sarcophaguses. These mobs summon a ton for only being like mobs the priest before the room tells you the name so target them or auto alias them to burn them down fast.

You will collect the 4 books from those and the 3 scrolls needed to open the Sphynx to get to the final area. The Vault of the Damned.

The first scroll is Gold benissez-moi avec votre clairte
The 2nd scroll is Grey pustanje mene
The 3rd scroll is Black hagalaz es moldar auki, mikil es grelp a hauki

Then you enter a lot of traps be prepared don't walk super fast with people or they can die.

There are 2 ways at the bottom you have to do both to kill the final boss Master Im-hoptep

North and South at the end has a crawl exit you have to search for once you kill both ends go back to the center then there is a crack down then prot for last boss.

He will flee turning to sand then run back and check north and south crawl exit he will be there.

The end eq is horrid so no need to dice other then cool names.

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