Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 1
Endurance cost: 30
Affecting stats: Dexterity, Perception, Luck
Resisting stats: Perception, Agility, Luck
Skill Category: Stealth
Skill Level: 4
Skill Type: Ranged Combat
Skill Targetting: Special
Offensive: No

Skill Description

With this skill, a Hand can circle around his opponent for a devastating sneak attack. The Hand must be wielding a dagger and be in the middle or back row. Victims must be humanoid and using the maneuver defense gives a bonus. By sneaking about, the Hand stops party following momentarily to strike at his foe. During the duration of his attack, he can do nothing else but concentrate on sneaking. The skill's duration varies based on a variety of conditions. The following skills impact the success of circling: sneak, hide, fade to black, alertness, critical aim, art of assassination. The following conditions impact the success of circling: invisibility, blindness, number of eyes of target, number of times circled. The following statistics impact the success of circling: agility, dexterity, perception. Usage: use circling at [victim] with [backstab, hamstring, stab, blind, nerve strike, arterial slash]


DO NOT USE THIS SKILL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! That being said, this skill will allow you to use any of the listed skills for a mere 30 EP, usually they'll go off faster, and it allows you to use the devastating backstab skill during combat, instead of only to start it. However, after a few modifications to try and fix it, the skill is now broken pretty much beyond repair: When used, you will be paralyzed for 10 rounds and nothing can reduce that length of time, nor prevent it, so it'll slow down your damage overall, and if the tank has to flee it will prove to be a death trap. So, don't use this skill until it's finished being fixed.

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