Charisma (abbr. Cha)— This determines the physical appeal as well as the personal charm a character has. It by no means reflects how likable you, the player, are. Charisma affects costs for many things, as well as how much people are likely to charge when you go to shops.
HIGH CHA = Commands nations, when she talks people listen.
Example: Napoleon.
LOW CHA = Quiet, mousey, irksome, ugly.
Example: A hyena.
NEGATIVE CHA EFFECT: Beings with low wisdom who gaze upon another being with negative Charisma will react in horror (q.v.). Sufficiently ugly beings will cause intelligent humanoids to react with violence to drive the ugly thing off.

Charisma Races
Unsurpassable Changeling, Satyr, Selkie
Excellent Unicorn
High Drensieqi, Hephestian, Leprechaun
Good Anakim, Elf, Jinn, Vulpin
Average Atomy, Papua, Titan
Moderate Arakun, Arcanus, Catfolk, Centaur, Dhampir, Gnome, Human, Irrdu, Suula
Low Boelir, Dwarf, Giant, Kanku, Muridan, Tortle, Treant
Bad Gremlin, Minotaur, Tywimn, Uruk, Vampire, Werewolf
Poor Argus, Dragonian, Ettin, Flynd, Gargoyle, Homarid, Kizanki, Mummy, Slaad, Troll, Xodar
Horrible Behemoth, Bloodworm, Devil, Dragon, Goblin, Gorgon, Illex, Kreen, Kuroa, Myconoid, Pudding, Shadow, Thuul, Vipyr, Yaag-nesh
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