Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 1
Endurance cost: 10
Affecting stats: cha
Resisting stats:cha
Skill Category: general combat
Skill Level: 5
Skill Type: Start combat
Skill Targetting: living

Skill Description

Using this skill will challenge an intelligent monster to a one-on-one battle.
This skill will not work on players.
Winning a duel will affect your standing as a gladiator. If anyone else tries to help you then you will reduce your standing as a gladiator. If you've also trained the gladiator prestige skill you will see benefits from shopkeepers and tax guards based on your standing. Your prestige will also improve your chances of a monster agreeing to the challenge. This skill will automatically start combat with the monster whether you succeed in the skill or not. Your gladiatorial standing will only be affected if the monster accepts your challenge. Your gladiatorial standing will also give you a bonus to damage while fighting a challenged monster. Your standing will naturally drop over time.
Note: While you must finish out your challenge alone, monsters don't always follow the rules.


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