Cerulean Grove

A long time ago in Scarrowfell, there was a travelling druid by the name of Cerulean. She pitied the dwellers of the city for the lack of light and beautiful plant life that she so enjoyed on her home of Sosel. Thus she made it her mission to make light wherever she could, and to create beautiful gardens for the Scarrowfell citizens to enjoy. Unfortunately, the citizens of Scarrowfell really didn't appreciate all the unwanted sunmotes around the city. Cerulean was chased out of the city finally, and mortally wounded in the chase by the pursuing Black Guards. As she stumbled out the eastern gates of the city, she made her way into the wilderness, and soon collapsed. She blessed the land she lay upon with her staff and her last breath of life. The staff she planted into the ground was blessed by Gaia as well, and over the years a beautiful grove sprung up around it, filled with many plants not native to perdow. Visiting druids brought animals suitable to the beautiful little grove, and soon it was a bastion of life in the otherwise dark Perdow. Many citizens of the dark planet attempted to burn the grove down, but rumor has it they were all repelled by a powerful guardian of the forest, one who was the embodiment of Cerulean's will.

The Cerulean Grove is a lowbie area on perdow. Its level lock is 25. It contains weak animals and an incredibly painful boss. It was coded by Rine.
Directions from ngate scarrowfell: 2 e, 2 se, ne, 2 e.
It is a green 'j' on the map titled A Mysterious Grove.


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