castle news
Castle Space for Rent on Wysoom!


Base Package:               2k / month
(Somewhere to drop a box):  

Premium Package:           +3k / month
(Includes ThiefStopper, and 
 separate Regen, Wand and Water Rooms)

VIP Package:               +2k / month
                           +1k / additional door
(includes premium package)
(Personal Room behind an obsidian door
 additional doors are at additional cost)

Please contact me via mudmail =)


I'm selling my castle 16 e and 7 n of ngate sauronan. It has 4 rooms, a
vault door to hide behind and a golem to do your dirty work for you. I'm
selling for 325k. Mudmail or tell me if interested
rent rooms for 10k
box included
at the gates of nineveh on raji
best stop on the planet
mail dalau
or send me tells
      .         .      /\      .:  *       .          .              .
                 *    .'  `.      .     .     *      .                  .
  :             .    /      \  _ .________________  .                    .
       |            `.+-~~-+.'/.' `.^^^^^^^^\~~~~~\.                      .
 .    -*-   . .       |u--.|  /     \~~~~~~~|~~~~~|
       |              |   u|.'       `." "  |" " "|                       
    :            .    |.u-./ _..---.._ \" " | " " |
   -*-            *   |    ~-|U U U U|-~____L_____L_                      .
    :         .   .   |.-u.| |..---..|"//// ////// /\       .            .
          .  *        |u   | |       |// /// // ///==\     / \          .
 .          :         |.--u| |..---..|//////~\////====\   /   \  .
      .               | u  | |       |~~~~/\u |~~|++++| .`+~~~+'  .
                      |.-|~U~U~|---..|u u|u | |u ||||||   |  U|
                   /~~~~/-\---.'     |===|  |u|==|++++|   |   |
Liquidating assets! The following castles are for sale.
Please send tells/mail to me of intent to buy.

World     #rooms    price    special
------    ------    -----    -------
Raji        2        200k    metal door, underwater.
Sosel       3        250k    obsidian door, at welstar pod.
Perdow      7        600k    thiefstopper door, 2 reinforced doors.
Wysoom      1        150k    comes with strongbox.
Wysoom      4        200k    2 boards, near city.
Wysoom     11        750k    thiefstopper door, golem.

Tavalon Realestate Agency
"Why rent, when you can own!"
rooms for rent
sosel, 5k per month, 10k w/box
raji, the same

contact rayna
I just went through my castle counting empty boxes and late bills, so first
off, if the following people did not move out of my castle and leave stuff
behind as a gift to me, you'd better let me know and pay your backrent
before I sell this stuff and re-rent these rooms and boxes:
Urial, Cyucid, Annis

That said, I would seem to have a whopping 5 private rooms for and 14
strongboxes available to rent.

The castle is on Nineveh island, rates are as follows:
Store a box on the lawn- 1k/month Store a box behind the defenses- 3k/month
Private room (for as many boxes as it holds)- 5k a month
Renting a strongbox from me: 5k a month, plus the appropriate hall/room

So, renting one box from me costs 8k/month, 2 costs 15k/month, 3 costs 20k,
             ___                   _
            /   |_   ______ ______(_)_______
           / /| | | / / __ `/ ___/ / ___/ _ \
          / ___ | |/ / /_/ / /  / / /__/  __/
         /_/  |_|___/\__,_/_/  /_/\___/\___/
                   Merchant services

                 Rent space available in
              "Goldscale Guest Lodge" (Sosel) 
               and "Castle Avarice" (Welstar)

              | - Private or shared   |
              | - Boxes available     |
              | - Thiefstopper        |
              | - Golems              |
              | - Starting at 2,000   |

             Mudmail enquiries to Avarice

     Young unicorn seeking his way in the Retroverse desires to establish
residence on Welstar.  Will wipe hooves before entering, pay promptly, and
attempt to pay rent in advance for long periods of absence.  Said resident
offers services, however minimal they might yet be, in attempting to ward
off thieves.  Storage is not yet necessary, but can likely be provided at
said resident's expense.  Please mudmail Cretar with offers.  Thank you for
your time.
Currently looking for room and box combo to rent. Quiet tenant, my noise is
done on the prowl.

Please mail or tell with location/rates

Cattaras Whiteclaw
       .         .      /\      .:  *       .          .              .
                 *    .'  `.      .     .     *      .                  .
  :             .    /      \  _ .________________  .                    .
       |            `.+-~~-+.'/.' `.^^^^^^^^\~~~~~\.                      .
 .    -*-   . .       |u--.|  /     \~~~~~~~|~~~~~|
       |              |   u|.'       `." "  |" " "|                        
    :            .    |.u-./ _..---.._ \" " | " " |
   -*-            *   |    ~-|U U U U|-~____L_____L_                      .
    :         .   .   |.-u.| |..---..|"//// ////// /\       .            .
          .  *        |u   | |       |// /// // ///==\     / \          .
 .          :         |.--u| |..---..|//////~\////====\   /   \  .
      .               | u  | |       |~~~~/\u |~~|++++| .`+~~~+'  .
                      |.-|~U~U~|---..|u u|u | |u ||||||   |  U|
                   /~~~~/-\---.'     |===|  |u|==|++++|   |   |
castle space for rent 10k a month
with a box
15k for 2 boxes
send me mail or tell for details
Hand looking to rent a room in a castle with box. Please mail if you have
an opening. :)

Hi folks,

I have a lovely two room cave with an oak door for sale at a reasonable
price, excluding transfer fees.  It's located on the black sand beach of
Wysoom within spitting distance of sungate.  The neighbors are friendly and
the crabs are delicious.  If interested, make an acceptable offer via

Thank you for your time and attention.
castle room + box for rent

castle room for rent

send me a mail or tell  =)

elviol the bug
I'm looking for a castle with a box, preferably on Wysoom.
Ok i am opening up Castle Chaos to renters.. 

4 rooms for rent. all behind simple doors.. thats behind a thierfstopper.. 

10k a month includes a box.. 5k a month and you provide your own box.. 

I don't rent to alts.. So please when mailing provide all alts names.. 

Located 1 sw of the fallen guild.. castle chaos is one of the safest
castles on crypt.. 

renting out rooms in a shell-keep on wysoom.
mail me if interested
The Quiet Library is renting out extra rooms to tenants, to assist
funding in the diligent research efforts of the Library as well as
provide housing for common folk.

The following arrangements are available:

* Front Guest Room, 1 strongbox: 8k/month

Discounts given to Hand, Psi, Bards, and anyone with backing from
a current resident.

You may bring your own boxes (or have new boxes made), as long as
you cover whatever costs this involves.  All tenants are expected
to follow the rules set out by Nobu and take reasonable care to
avoid multiplay issues with other tenants.

Thank you for your support in the pursuit of knowledge!
The Quiet Library is located on Welstar, four steps away from
the North Gate of Keystone.

Looking for tenants. Rates are as follows:
8k for a box in the hallway.
11k for a room with a box, each additional box 5k.

1k/month discount for Satyrs.
Castle on Raji overlooking the lake.
Contact me for details.
looking to rent a room with a strongbox, shared or single
room is fine by me, just need a place to store my weapons
    ___                   _
   /   |_   ______ ______(_)_______
  / /| | | / / __ `/ ___/ / ___/ _ \
 / ___ | |/ / /_/ / /  / / /__/  __/
/_/  |_|___/\__,_/_/  /_/\___/\___/
                 Merchant services

                Rent space available in

             "Goldscale Guest Lodge" (Sosel) 
               "Castle Avarice" (Welstar)
              "Dustball guestlodge" (Perdow)

              | - Private or shared   |
              | - Thiefstopper        |
              | - Stoneshielded       |
              | - Golems              |
              | - Starting at 2,000   |

No private space available on Welstar as yet.
FOR RENT : shared room on sosel with box 7K a month
alts who party with me need not apply
mail me if intereseted
Tegne the Strontium Dog.
i am looking for a pathed Geomancer with well trained stone shielding.. to
Stoneshield 9 rooms in my lil castle.. 

thank you 

Rooms for rent on Wysoom(ne of sauronan) and Welstar(egate of Abarack)

various arrangements available
(shared rooms,private rooms,with/without box,hire purchase box)
mail me with your requirements and i'll get back with a price
RENT. lookin for a place to stay.

mail me please if you have any rooms with a strongbox availible.
thank you!
I may be soon looking for a place to store gear.

So I was wondering what all the options were(as in rooms for rent from
other players)[I know about the other options]

So if you have a room for rent(with a box) please mudmail me and let me
know prices/payment options.

Malkais the semi-permantly notplaying atm.
Castle space available - room with a box - 10k - two rooms two boxes avail.

Castle on Welstar.
Contact Epikto for details.
Castle space available. bring your own box. 5K a month
mudmail or send me tells when i'm on and we can work something out.
rooms for rent in prestigious sosel fortress
5k/month, 10k for a room with a strongbox
There is a 10 room castle on Wysoom for rent. If you want to rent it from
me, give me a mail. Cost is maintenance plus 5k a month. The deal is until
I start playing again, which will probably be about 5 months from now. The
eq and chests inside will still belong to me, etc.
You can rent out rooms inside, though.
Looking for castle repair. Contact me if you have the means to
do it efficiently.

           ...Castle rooms for rent...

Rooms available on Sosel, Perdow, and Welstar.

|  Private rooms 5k                          |
|  Shared rooms  2k                          |
|  Box           5k   (only one available!)  |
* Sosel castle has thiefstopper, 2 x warding runes,
  5 golems, and restricted friends list.
* All passageways stone shielded
* Welstar castle has an indoors swimming pool!
* Perdow castle used to be owned by a very cool
  wizard who I won't name in public but is Dustpuppy
  with really nice room descriptions.
Hello all - I would like to inform anyone looking for a castle space I have
a private room with a box or room for an box if you have one. Otherwise I
can always purchase one for you. The private room and strongbox is 8k per
month, otherwise the space is 3k. Let me know if your interested with tells
or mail. --- Thank you --- Altena
          ...Castle rooms for rent...

Rooms available on Sosel, Perdow, and Welstar.

|  Private rooms 5k                          |
|  Shared rooms  2k                          |
|  Box           5k                          |
* Sosel castle has thiefstopper, 2 x warding runes,
  5 golems, and restricted friends list.
* All passageways stone shielded
* Welstar castle has an indoors swimming pool!
* Perdow castle used to be owned by a very cool
  wizard who I won't name in public but is Dustpuppy
  with really nice room descriptions.

 There are currently **THREE** boxes available
 first lucky customers to mail me get a box
           NEWS FLASH
Rent space now available on Raji!...

Stone shielded castle just a step
away from the chantry...............

Wake up to the brilliant sun shining
through your windows, step down the.
street sipping on a gin and tonic,..
wreak death upon the monks, and be..
back in time for sundowners on the..

Just what every aspiring Necro or...
tank wants!.........................

Rooms starting at 2k a month........

Rooms also available on Welstar,....
Perdow, and Sosel...................
           ...Castle rooms for rent...

Rooms available on Sosel, Perdow, Raji,and Welstar.

|  Private rooms 5k                          |
|  Shared rooms  2k                          |
|  Box           5k   (only two available!)  |

* All passageways stone shielded
* Welstar castle has an indoors swimming pool!
* Perdow castle used to be owned by a very cool
  wizard who I won't name in public but is Dustpuppy
  with really nice room descriptions.

Raji castle is conveniently close to the chantry
I have available castle room with box for rent at standard price 10k/month.
Castle is on Wysoom, location is nice - 1s from Sgate.

Send mails.
Castle for sale on Sosel. 15 rooms, 13 golems, 14 doors, 2 message boards.
The castle requires some repairs and redecorating to make it livable. No
boxes are included in the sale. I'm asking 200k gold including transfer
fees but this is negotiable.
Ok i am offering a Room to any full gl 20 alchemist and gl 20 merchant..
with a free box. in the room.. 

only requierments.. i need to know your alts to avoid Mplay and you have to
do enchant my eq on days when i play :) and make golems (cheap ass ones)
Merchant would have to keep the castle repaired (contact teeka, lakota, or
me when condition drops for gold) 

if your interested.. let me or Lakota know... 

Looking for room with a box to Rent on welstar.
Mail me if you got a room, please
Rent rooms available. Inquire within.

I have recently acquired a 3 room castle on Perdow, and have it open to
mostly low level players looking for a place to live.  I'll make boxes at
cost (80k apiece) and give you lodging for 2k per month, plus another 5k
per month for the box until it is paid off, and then the box is yours and
you can continue to live there for 2k/month.  Currently there are no doors
on the castle, but they will be put in as funds permit.  Please feel free
to send me mails if you're interested.

Yes, you heard it right, DeathBlade Keep is looking for a new
tenant in the west wing.  The west Wing is quietly hidden
inside solid rock on lovely Crypt.  Castle is located near
several shafts for easy offworld travelling (well, Pheonix
issues are your own choice).

Interested candidates should mudmail me directly and I will
get back with you.

Looking for room to rent on Welstar with a box
To whoever owns the castle to the north of damora lake, I used to own It. I
guess I didn't show up often enough. I would like to buy it back if I may.
I'm not going to be around enough to maintain it, but I got it from a close
friend, and I would like to give it to a close friend. If you're willing to
negotiate about it, please send me a mail.
Wanting to sell a caslte.

7 rooms
3 thiefstoppers

First reasonable-enough-for-me bid
that I recieve gets it.

Any takers?

(bids will go up on sales for a 3-
count auction before being confirmed.)

Castle sold.
*salutes everyone*

-Kereth Midknight
Stronghold for sale!
Near Scarrowfell!  Easy Limbo access!
1 obsidian door
1 oak door
3 simple doors
1 cheap golem
6 rooms

Going cheap.
Really cheap.
Make me an offer.
All offers put on sales for 3 count auction.

That is all.
Just imagine the realestate value of castles in limbo, would be a really
kewl quest capability.  Hehe
Rooms for rent on wysoom.  Thiefstopper access available.
Prices are a cumulative 2.5k each for

base price
each chest
each chest thats rented
thiefstopper access

If you can't figure out my prices, tell me and I'll give you a personalized

proprietor of Agrona's Bed & Breakfast
Looking to sell a castle on Raji.  It is located on the island of scotland,
a bit east of vikings.  It is at 100% quality, but it is in need of repairs
(currently the stonework is crumbling). It is 7 rooms with 4 private
chambers with simple doors and a room with a message board.  The message
board room also has some minor regen ticks.  It has one broken thiefstopper
(a player trap over-rides the standard trap) at the entrance as well as a
moat (water filled entrance room).

I'm not looking for a huge amount of money, but I need enough to cover the
transfer fee and to pay a friend to add a room to her castle.

Anyone with serious offers, please send mudmail to me, and I'll try to
check it once a day.
seeking a reliable tenant for my castle to upkeep it since I don't really
play any boxes available for rent the cost is having a merch
repair it once a month or so (probaly between 5 and 15k) only people I know
and can trust need apply (since the last person I asked to do repairs was
lazy and hasn't done it in months :p)
Room for rent two spaces from sgate Sauronan.  Send mail/tells if

One (1) reincbie seeks one (1) room on Welstar or Perdow, with strongbox.

Please reply with pricing and location.

Castle room for rent on Welstar, prime location with easy access to all
major Welstarian cities.

Rent is 10k a month with a strongbox.

Mudmail for further details.

 - Schrau Cadnos, RMPD's Scruffiest
Still looking to sell my castle on raji. 7 rooms, max quality, in need of a
few repairs (currently it looks as if it could do with some work)
It is located on scotland, has a good front door, doors for 4 private
rooms, and a regen room with a message board.

Looking for something around 120k to start (that includes the 50k transfer

Please mail me if interested.
room with boxes for rent, room + box 10k
location is on welstar, pretty close to ngate
mail me for more details!

elviol elviol elviol =P
Are you looking for a place to stay? Are you a poor altless newbie or
lowbie? Are you unemployed, with bad credit and no collateral except
newbie-eq? Well, congratulations! You've been pre-approved for a
box-in-a-room! It comes with all the amenities: your very own front door
key, untold riches*, and even the combination to the box you'll get to use!
Only steps from ngate, these upscale units are a dream come true for a
first time renter!

And all this for the low low price of 4500/month!

If you're interested, drop me a letter, and we can chat about it.

*untold riches may be spiritual in nature. But who can put a price on the
happiness of having a home?
7 room castle on raji still for sale, 80k (including transfer fee) starting
bid. You can destroy rooms at 8800 each if you want it smaller. Someone bid
on the darn thing so I can stop worrying about it. Bids via mail.
Castle is sold finally, congrats to reklaw
Satyrhome, on Nineveh, is an old and storied place.

...and is sadly satyr-free.

It may be a run of good luck - one wizzed and one entered highbiedom... you
can draw your own conclusions.

At any rate, I am looking for a satyr in need of a home, at a reduced rent.
Room available, with or without a door, and we can talk about terms.  

The stones cry out for satyrs to return, I'll sacrifice a little gold to
keep a dream alive.

Contact me for details.

-Len'n'nan, Angel-Landlord of Satyrhome.
To whoever was staying 2n,u,n within the recently conquerable castle north
of wysoom pod:

I currently have those boxes now in a dump I own, since I'm far to broke
from recent purchases to claim such a large place for myself.  I am willing
to discuss possible alternate arrangements wherein you either rent from a a
place I own that's smaller and thus easier to keep maintained, or I deliver
said boxes to a new locale that you procure upon your own.  Either way
though, you must prove your idenity as the owner of the stuff via box
labels and combos within 2 weeks or I'll consider it abandoned stuff and do
as I wish.

Oh, and have a nice day :)
I recently acquired the martello in front of eletemple.  It's got a simple
door, no golems, and not much else (simple 3 room layout).  I will be
offering public room access for box drops at 2k/slot.  let me know if
you're interested in putting your boxes on sunny Sosel!

castle rooms for rent to newbies send me a tell or mail me if im not on for
have castle rooms for rent on sosel,raji with or with out boxes. mail me if
I'm selling a small castle on Welstar in great quality for best offer plus
transfer fees.

10 rooms plus entrance, 1 room is dark
1 security door
1 billboard
Simple doors at most exits

It's also worth mentioning that the entry has less than a foot of water in

Send me a tell or a mail if you're interested in the castle.
say esong fell (mine)
Hey you newbie types out there...  Need a place to keep all the trinkets
that you just can't seem to do without but Odhin won't leave alone?  Well
have no fear, for now you can!

I have a number of locales availible to choose from, some convieniently
located and others on sosel. :)  Feel free to contact me via tells or mail
to arrange a showing
I'm looking for a castle room for rent, preferably with a box.  If anybody
has need of (or will take pity on) a renter, please let me know :)
For rent: boxes in a room. You don't get to decorate, but most places
charge 5k/room and 5k/box, and this is 4500 for the box and nothing for the
floor space (the room is shared and is free). If you are a newbie or a
lowbie with no storage and no (partying) alts, give a shout. The place is
on Welstar, only a short walk from ngate, and is quite nice in my humble
   I'm currently renting out castle rooms and box slots, in my castle 1
north from Tool Park.  I've got one box, so first come first serve.

Rent a box behind the doors (10k month)
Rent a room behind the doors (5k month) (13 available)
Rent a room outside of defenses (2.5k month) (7 available)
I am selling a martello located on sunny Sosel at Eletemple.

Convenient location and 3 rooms, with 1 really great up-and-coming tenant
who I would request be allowed to stay or some sort of alternative worked
out for.

Minimum bid is 100k, including transfer fee.  Please send your bids via
mail.  Silent auction of this dwelling closes Saturday, June 17, at
whatever time I get online to check, unless someone hits my buyout price
(which, as I'm not sure I have one, is unlikely).

Loktai "have you seen your druid today?" Greywolf
I have this kyoot martello with 2 rooms to rent (but no boxies, sorry, me
am broke).

Located on Wysoom, near Sauronan.

One room is behind a door, and the other behind nothing.

I dunno for the rent. Something cheapo. Make offers or whatever.

Send me a mudmail, or tells.
I am interested in acquiring a rent room with 3 boxes (though that number
will vary, likely downwards, in the next couple weeks).  Please let me know
if you have a room available, as I am tired of using PE to rent rooms in
I just came into possesion of a castle and I'm looking to rent out
a few rooms.  Sorry, no boxes yet.

7k a month for your own room.
Tell or mudmail me if you're interested.

DeathBlade Keep now has 2 openings in the eastern wing.  Interesed
parties should mudmail me.  Rent is 10k/castle repair time.  There
will probably be at least 1 strongbox available in the rooms.

Looking to rent room w/ 2 boxes on welstar.  Please send tells.  Thank you.
For rent : Room with box, behind door, 7k/month

on wysoom.
Room for rent on Raji, way out in 4winds.

Golem, thiefstopper, bullentin board, as much storage as you want.  5k/rent
per month base, with additional 5k/month for each strongbox you want.

If you're interested, send a tell/mail to me.

-Ixtalis, maaaagic flying tortle
For Sale: 2 Room Tower (Underwater) on Nineveh.
Comes with a metal door and a 'Binky' style golem.

MB is 100k (incl. transfer fee).

If interested, feel free to send tells/mails ^^

Room for rent in Wysoom, with strongbox, behind door.

7k/months sounds fair to me.
room behind doors with strongbox for rent in a castle on wysoom, 7k/month,
5k without boxe
To whoever conquered Paradise Island (Welstar, floating in the ocean) and
took the boxes while I was away: if you'd be willing to sell back the boxes
and gear at a moderate price to be paid as I earn it I'd really appreciate
it, since before my brief absence I spent all my cash on training and don't
really have any to purchase new ones with.
If any merchants would mind repairing it once, again on a payment plan, I'd
be very grateful (here's hoping nobody else re-re-conquers it in the
FS room and box in castle on wysoom

5k/room, 2k/box. Mudmail me with offers.
Castle room for rent
Private, semi-private
strongbox vs no strongbox.
Young pally in search of a room and box, preferably on welstar or wysoom.
Mail me prices and location, and ill get back to you.
Young Fighter looking for a room with two boxes.
Looking for a room and a box preferibly not on sosel or raji.  Mudmails or
tells if you have an opening

Hey there, newbish person looking for a room to rent.
Possibly with a box, but without works too.
Anywhere but sosel.

Been the green Kreen.
Newbie Necro looking for a room - planet doesn't matter that much seeing
how I can always shadowgate to Crypt. Having a box would be nice. Mail me
newbie fallen looking for a room with box for rent preferably welstar or
I would like to rent a room with a strongbox.
Any location is acceptible.

I am looking for a room and a box to rent.
I am a Paladin and would perfer a place on Welstar, but just having a place
is the main thing.

Mud mail me if you have space to rent, or use tells if I am on-line.

Looking for a castle room for rent (hopefully with a box and on crypt).
I'm a kanku necro and my only active alt is Zarlang
Looking for a castle room and a box to rent, preferably on Crypt.
looking for a castle and box, anywhere but raji is fine ;).

   I'm just a dragon ranger looking for a new home away from the
hustle and bustle of life on Sosel.  I don't like bringing work 
home with me.

    I'm looking for a room with a box to rent, hopefully one
where i'll eventually own the box outright.  I'm also a Threnody
alt (damn mplay).

   Send a tell if i'm on, or just mudmail me otherwise.
looking for a spot to live with 2 strongboxes for rent
I have 2 rooms with boxes available for renting to newbie tank for
Location is 1s from sun gate, wysoom.
     I have a castle (tower-keep by description) on crypt for
sale.  it's 2 east and 3 north of The new Devil area in the Sulfur
Pool.  I'm asking for 200k mb on it.

    It was left empty of boxes, but that shouldn't be hard
to remedy :).  It also has a Thiefstppoer door and an obsidian
door for passive defense.

    if you're interested, give me a tell, or mudmail me if
I'm not available.

    I failed to mention:  it has a torture chamber in the second 
basement, :>.
Selling castle on welstar. its shell-keep located at se,e from wemics.
Vault door there.

It can be yours for 100k.
Private room in Crypt (with door, yay!) for rent. 

Storage may be arranged for. 

Mudmail or tell
Currently seeking a room and/or box to rent. Let me know asap as to where
the castle is located, and a price.

Greywolf Realty presents: 

Crypt Room Available  ** private ** 

Reliable, clean, semi-laid back, non-jelly-donut addicted tenant wanted. 
Conveniently placed just N.E of Igneus.. No box -- storage, however, 
can be aranged for.

Raji Rooms Available  -- GREAT VIEW! --

Gorgeous, roomy, non-fish smelling private rooms available. 
Great view of  Suthnas Lake (underwater). Unreliable 
tennants need not apply.

 Please inquire Loktai and  Shania Greywolf via mudmail or tell. 
 Newbs too broke for rent? Something may be arranged. 

**** Tennants -to-be, take precaution. All Jellies found in the premises
have already been claimed (times infinity) ... drop the pastry and back
away slowly. RaAaR! *****
        RMPD's Tumbleweed.
Looking to rent room with castle preferably on Raji... have wings, does not
mind if it's in the air somewhere.
Niewbie-level alt looking for room and box. Prefered planets; P
erdow, Sosel, particularly Perdow. Other locations considered.
se send mail/tell with location and monthly rate.
looking to rent a box (or possibly 2 if there's an extra for rent) on
welstar or wysoom
This may not be the appropriate board for this topic.

I would like to say that, after having rented from Rayna for over a year, I
found her service more than satisfactory.  Her rented room had good
security, a charming descriptions theme, and accomodations such as a
message board and library.  Overall, I found her a wonderful landlady and
recommend her to anyone in need of a room.
Flightless, drownable newbie looking for a nice place to rent. I wouldn't
mind having a storage box too, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

Please send a tell or mail if you would like to offer.
Hey there folks,

Newbie Fighter in need of Boxes to store and castles to rent. Mail
or Tell, whichever works. Willing to pay up to 25k a month for rent.

Tarnal Alt.  Can't fly or breathe water.  Looking for room with box to
Hi, I'm looking for an alt-castle with a couple of boxes.

Ideal locations would be Wysoom or preferably Sosel.

Please drop me a mudmail, thanks!

-Emmerson the Official Jowa Alt(tm) Mummy Abjurer.
Lookin' for a place to stay with storage at any reasonable wage. The last
place I was at got conquered. (Aww) 

Mail me back!

~ Hakk
Private Room For Rent on Wysoom!
Just atop the cliffs, this room has a great view of the vast 
Wysoomian oceans. The castle is just North of the city, 
a great location, the city and harbor are both easily 
accessible. The room is behind a Thiefstopper, and
includes a single box to store your things. The price is 
10k per month with the box, however without it, its 7k. 
Send me a tell or shoot me a mail for details.
Room for Rent on Raji!

1sw and w of Nineveh gate.

A private room with all the nice features once can come to expect when
looking for a home away from home. A chest for storing your valued items,
and a door to stop the prying eyes of any neighbors when you have that
special someone over. And last but not least a view of the plains of

Rent is set at 10k per month, contact Adfero or Isadora.
Well, I've packed my bags and have moved once again. So, for sale:
stronghold on Sha'ra. It has six rooms, a thiefstopper, and a golem. All
this can be yours for only 100k + transfer fee! Please send tell/mail if
Castle sold.
I havve a few castles fs or fr. 

A one room peel on perdow and a castle w/ doors on Welstar. 

if intrested please send me a mil to tell

please blame the bad typing on raw telnet

Hesiod the Merchant man
Accidental peel ownership!

Great little starter home for the handyman to fix up.  Close to town in a
busy suburban area with all the amenities.

Interested parties can expect a low asking price.  Much cheaper than
building yourself and fully up to area code.
Contact Calliope for details.
I would suggest removing the ability from conquering castles from
the game...
Just extend the duration of time it takes the castle to go from 
almost destroyed to destroyed.
Every year or so there is a big ruckus about a castle being conquered
and the anger that occurs afterwards....
I mean, why not just have all that nice equipment that was contained
within the castle get destroyed rather than have it get
re-distributed to other players....
Well, my 2 cents...catch ya latah... PERONEOUS....
Offering my old castle, located 3e from ngate ign, to newbie fallen.
its nice location, castle has 3 rooms (martello), repaired to
very good condition, one golem armed with crystal axes is included.

Asking price 0gp including transfer fee, if you want it, send me mail.
I have a castle on Raji for sale. 15 rooms including a regen room, bulletin
board, a thiefstopper, and doors to eight rooms i used for renting. Located
at Nineveh's gate.
Asking 700k which includes transfer fee.
If whoever conquered the tower 6 s, one w of Nineveh's gate would be nice
enough to at LEAST sell me back my empty chest at a reduced price, I'd
really appreciate it.  Apologies to those who helped me finally save up
enough money to buy it, last time I was here the castle wasn't conquerable
yet, and I could either buy the chest or repair the castle but not both, so
I opted to buy the chest.  I had no idea two room towers with only oak
doors were in such high demand that it would be snapped up the minute it
went unrepaired.
Hada - the homeless-again biomancer with no gear
Castle room with strongbox available, shared with myself, behind simple
Tower on crypt, near the sulfar pools.
Contact me for more details.
Castle room for rent
5k/month for empty room.
7.5K/month for room with single strongbox.
10k/month for room with 2 strongbox's
mudmail me if you are interested....
FS Peel on Perdow.  Close to the city.  Great little fixer upper for the
people who enjoy long weekends at Home Depo.

Contact Calliope for price.  Very reasonable.
Rooms for rent in wysoom not too far from Sauronan. Strongboxes available
on request.

Base price is 5k/month for room and 5k/month per box.

Protected by metal door.
Renting out some rooms on Nineveh, there are three rooms available.
Two rooms available at 10k per month each, include two boxes per room. One
room available for 7k per month, has one box in it.

Feel free to mudmail or send tells with any questions.

Selling martello (3 rooms) on Sosel, location 2d18n from wgate edon
including obsidian + metal door, 2 golems and board.

mb: 150k
I've found an abandoned one-room peel on Perdow, 2E, 3 SE of the Danowyr
Outpost.  There was no loot inside or any indications as to the previous
owner, and I have no use for it.  If anyone wants a castle, it's theirs for
the taking.
Castle rooms for rent...
5k for strongbox
5K for empty room
10K for room + strongbox.
Castle on perdow, let me know if you are inrested...
I'm looking to rent a room in a castle.  I will bring 5 boxes with me for
my EQ.

Could you please contact me if you have some space I could rent?

Thanks in advance~

I have a few rooms on perdow available, just two east of ngate scarrowfel.
Rent is 5k per month.
Tell or mail me :)
Conquerable underwater martello on the bottom of Lake Wakkima, on Nineveh
isle, Raji, along the southern edge of the lake.  Previously owned by
Koruth, but he says he's not interested in maintaining it anymore.  2
simple doors.
Looking for a room and a box or two to rent. I'd prefer it be on Perdow,
but I supose anywhere will do.
I am seeking to find a castle room that is currently for rent, preferably
Crypt. I plan on getting my own boxes to bring once I secure a room. If
you're willing and able to help me out, please let me know. Thank you ;)
looknig for rent rooms
I'm looking for a rent room on crypt, please mail me, if you have one :)
My alt if Zarlang, so don't do it, if you will want his abjuration.
Hi, looking for a room on either crypt or sosel. Need box too.
Looking to rent a room + box, preferably rent-to-buy on the box. Not too
fussy on which planet.

I would like to rent a room and some boxes till i can get my own.
Any planet is ok but would prefer not perdow.
looking for a place to rent a room and a box or two pls send me a mail
Yo im looking to rent a room with a box on perdow.  If you can help a
brother out mail me.
Still looking to rent a room + box or two if there's anywhere going please

Somewhat rescinding my previous castle post, I now have a room available
for rent. Nothing fancy, just a place to keep your boxes. 5k per month, on

Adding to the want-to-rent spam:

Seeking a room with a few boxes at reasonable rate.  Preferred location not

Alt is Alewar, in case you want to avoid mplay.

MUD mail with any offers.
Selling shell-keep (8 rooms) on Welstar, location 28n 1w from ngate,
includes moat, golem, board, and vault door with trap.  The upkeep
is breaking my  budget.

Selling for best offer over transfer cost by March 27th.  Otherwise,
watch for it, it should be conquerable sometime in April I think.
I have 1 room with box for rent. Excelent location 1s from sgate saur.
send mails/tells.
Hey guys. An oldbie lookin for a place to stay at. Give me a holler!
I just took over the fortress located N, NE of the Kon camp on Sosel.  Its
previous owner no longer plays, and it had fallen into disrepair.  It
appears to be a rent-room castle, with a ton of empty rent rooms and
apparently only one current tenant, who I've already spoken with.

I'd like to try to continue the castle's tradition.  If anyone, especially
newbies, needs a place to stay and doesn't mind it being on Sosel, I can
offer some very secure living arrangements (doors all over the place, and
all behind a thiefstopper) for a low price.  Send a tell or mail if you're
looking for a room.
Selling nice stronghold located on beautiful Weltarian lakefront propery.
Included are 6 spacious rooms and an obsidian and a thief stopper door.
For a limited time only the security staff, consisting of three golems,
have agreed to stay on and work for the new residents.
underwater castle on nineveh with boxes to rent
competitive rates
priority to newbies
mudmail for more information
I conquered a castle on Welstar today. 
It looks abandoned (or looted). 
I posted to the board so send me a 
tell or mail if you live there. 
Otherwise I will be starting to rent 
out rooms in one week.
Seeking a room with a box, preferably on Welstar.
Castle for sale on Perdow
 Four rooms, three behind a thiefstopper,
 (two other doors already installed)
 Already has a board.

 Previous vulpin bard/merchie abandoned.

 Will pay for flea extermination, 
 repair to pretty good condition, 
 include four paintbrushes and a set of keys
 for 200k gold.  (The doors cost multiple 
 times that.)

 But only to people I don't hate.
I also have a five room aquatic castle on 
Sosel with a thiefstopper and a half decent
golem that needs a friendly new resident.
The circumstances under which I took the
castle were special, so it will need a 
relatively special new owner.
I am looking to rent a room with a box on wysoom, crypt or welstar.  Would
appreciate any offers.  Thank you.
regarding room rental report: Room rented.
Secluded castle with a room for rent, behind a thiefstopper and
everything!! strongbox avaialble send tell for more info
Secluded welstar castle, looking for a renter!  Theifstopper, strongbox
included! mail or tell with questions!
Castle room for rent...
5K for room
5K/month additional for one strongbox
and more box's available if needed....
castle for rent on welstar....
5k/month for empty private room...
5k/month for a single strong box.....and more box's available if needed...
contact me via mudmail if interested...
Looking to rent a room for storage, please contact as soon as possible.
I'm looking to rent a room with 3 strongboxes as soon as possible so I can
stop wasting gold on rent rooms. Please send me a tell or mail if you have
space open.
hey people. newbie jomsviking looking for a castle room and a box. send me
a mail or tell if you can help out. thanks!
looking for a room with 2 boxes, not very fussy with location, just not
welstar :) mudmail me n' stuff if there's one so we can work things out yea

Tower on Nineveh (14 south Nineveh gate) for sale.  Two rooms,
oak door: 100k (includes transfer fee).
have a room for rent on suthnas raji, private castle room, thiefstopper
5k/month, boxes available at 5k/month a piece
Rentrooms are still available on Sosel, for a competitive price.  Anyone
who needs a room, send me a tell or a mail.
I have an urgent need of castle repairs. If you are online between 13:30
and 20:00 CET this week, send me a mail.
Hey all, i was hoping to find someone with a spare room and box in a castle
for rent
any planet is fine with me.  Please send me a mail if anybody has one
Thank you.
Hi I just wanted to ask if I could be in anyones castle so that I may use
it for storage.
One small castle for sale, situated in the mountains around Scarrowfell on
Perdow. This place is in reasonable condition, has 10 rooms (one of which
has a pool of water), 2 powerful golems, and a bulletin board. Castle is
for sale at 300k. And no, there are no strongboxes in it. :)
Bah, castle is now for sale at 100k
Rooms for rent on Welstar. Castle is located 2 west of Ngate.
Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 rooms, each guarded by their own simple door
branching off the main hallway in addition to the main Thiefstopper.
Standard repair cost rent at 2.5k per room, per month. 
Mail or tell me for more info :)

Rooms for rent on welstar, right by ngate. Behind thiefstopper to boot.

Boxes available too. 

Send mail to work something out.
Shared castle room available on crypt behind simple door. No box. Send me a
tell or a mudmail for more information.

     ~Ing (Healinglight)
I'm looking for a two rooms in a fairly secure castle on Crypt. I have the
boxes I just need the room so if you have some vacancies lemme know.
For Sale:

Martello w, 2sw from the north gate of Keystone, in the picturesque 
forest of Welstar. Amenities include a security door, a bulletin 
board, and clashing decoration schemes. 

MB: 35K plus transfer fee (85K total). 

3 rooms for rent on wysoom, behind doors, chests available.

Rent is 5k/month per room, 5k/month per chest.

Send me tells, or mails.
Hi, I'm Eurydice. I'm a fallen. I need a room with a box for rent...
Anywhere is fine I guess... Just need a box in a room...

Got a castle for sale on Welstar, close to Abarack east gate.
It has three rooms, two doors and a bulletin board.
Otherwise it is empty.
The castle is in good condition.
Price is 80k, transfer fee and one key per door included.
Mail or tell me if interested.
Rooms for rent with single box, more than one box, or just
an empty room for you to supply your own box...
Castle located on welstar, conveniently located clsoe to ngate...
Hi. I'm currently looking for a room with a box I could rent.
Location is not an issue, so long as its not underwater. Thanks
for your time.
Young gargoyle sentinel-in-training seeks a room in a castle with
a box.  References available.
So... I've got this box for rent on Crypt... It's in a room shared with
myself behind a simple door.
Send me a tell or a mail if you're interested. Competitive rates. Special
payment arrangements available.
Castle room(s) for rent on Raji (Nineveh), preferably to a newbie 
but also available for an alt. 1.5 Bathrooms, nice view of the 
Rajian skies, refurnished kitchen. Strongboxes also available for 
rent. Rates negotiable. If you're interested, mudmail me with your 
specifications (how many boxes, etc) and a list of your alts. 

Room rented out, no more spaces available.
Castle rent rooms with boxes available on welstar and wysoom. 5k/room and
5k/box (you can have more boxes if needed)
castle rooms with box for rent on welstar

mail me for more details =)
Looking for room with box to rent on wysoom.
Looking for room and box on crypt
So, I logged on today, to find out my castle fell at some point when I lost
the internet last week. I was a bit peeved, as I had logged on that day to
get a merchie to fix it.. but..whatever.

Cinnabar conquered it. He was kind and gracious enough to offer it back to
me at no cost and after a bit of talking, we came to the decision that
we'll just swap castles.  See, I'd been thinking about moving back to
wysoom ('cause Crypt's too dark) and he wanted Crypt as wysoom's too

Situation solved.

So to the folks who rescued my gear, I greatly appreciate it. Just mudmail
me if you have it and I'll schedual time to get it all back. (Hint: Its all
named after food and pastries... and eggs.)

I don't want to hear mean stuff about the guy, he's totally awesome! 

I got a mudmail from someone who has my stuff. I got to give thanks to
Lokhi for that as he was the one who gave this other person the heads up.

Who said Titans didn't pay attention ned to be shot. 


I have castle room for rent on Welstar. Actually not really for rent so
much as 'free if you bring your own storage and don't cause trouble/mplay
issues'. If you're willing to contribute a bit to castle upkeep as well,
that'd be even better.
Looking for a tenant.
Room on welstar, 2 room suite with simple privacy door located behind a

Looking for about 10k a month, 11k for first month.
Boxes avalible for rent at 5k per month per box.
No alts please.

Contact Salamander for further information
castle fs on welstar 125k its 8 rooms (though slightly buggy so acts as if
9) with thiefstopper and has several other smaller doors inside..I put 2
repair casts on it so it will be ok on repairs for a while a least
disclaimer: castle may be haunted I thought about living there myself but
the castle spooked me so I'm selling it..mostly just want to get the repair
gold back oh and castle also comes with 2 keys for each door :p
oooooo get out of my desert oooooooooo
several well defended rooms available on welstar

some less defended ones on wysoom

i can provide some boxens, but they are in limited stock

send me a tell with your alts list if interested
I have a castle on crypt looking for a flatmate, I am a templar. Got a room
and can arrange some boxes if needed. Send a mail or tell if interested.
Exquisite sosel castle for sales, used to belong to avarice, 8 rooms,
original avarice room descs, thief stopper, lots of doors, 8 rooms, one
roomie and about 14 boxes with lots of stuff (including my entire bulk1
caster set).

Initial price: 1m gold.

If you are interested mail me with bids, the auction will end in 2 weeks
when i return home from Russia. I'll try to place current highest bid in my
plan whenever i manage to get my hands on the internet.

<---Zarlang the uuuber lazy abjurer--->

that was my favourite castle, don't let it get 
Selling a peel on perdow.  Price negotiable.  It's got quite a few quality
upgrades.  You pay for transfer.

Mudmail me; I'm not on often.

Zarlang wrote:
>Exquisite sosel castle for sales, used to belong to avarice, 8 rooms,
>original avarice room descs, thief stopper, lots of doors, 8 rooms, one
>roomie and about 14 boxes with lots of stuff (including my entire bulk1
>caster set).
>Initial price: 1m gold.
>If you are interested mail me with bids, the auction will end in 2 weeks
>when i return home from Russia. I'll try to place current highest bid in
>plan whenever i manage to get my hands on the internet.
><---Zarlang the uuuber lazy abjurer--->
I'm the tenant, in case someone wonders about mplay.
I'm not there very often (and still won't in the coming weeks) but I have a
good record when it comes to rent (honest !). :)
Please mudmail me in the event noone takes over, I wouldn't want my stuff
to go boom along with an unconquerable castle...
Btw, Zarlang forgot to mention the 5 robust golems on the doorstep, if
someone cares about them.

- G -
selling tower on wysoom with vault doors for 90k
Can somebody please, please get this ^$#^!*$#% streamers out of my castle?


Room for rent on beautiful sunny crypt near igneous.  Room is 5k a month
and boxes are avaliable at an additional price.  Inquire within.

My castle + all boxes + my entire caster set will keep auctioning till the
end of the month.

Castle on sosel with original Avarice paintings.

Current highest bid: Ostivel 2megs.
My castle + all boxes + my entire caster set will keep auctioning till the
end of the month.

Castle on sosel with original Avarice paintings.

Current highest bid: Katherine 2.1megs
Since people were wondering:
Castle has over 16 or 17 boxes (too lazy to run around) 2 or 4 have unknown
stuff and are from a long dead roomie.

Castle had about 8-10 rooms, thief stopper, few funny golems and some

This accurate update was given to you by Fleabag massonry services(tm).
My castle + all boxes + my entire caster set will keep auctioning till the
end of the month.

Castle on sosel with original Avarice paintings.

Current highest bid: Reklaw 2.2megs
My castle + all boxes + my entire caster set will keep auctioning till the
end of the month.

Castle on sosel with original Avarice paintings.

Current highest bid: Katherine 2.5megs
2 days left till the end of the auction.

My castle+my stuff

roll hornily
Current bid: 2.5megs
I have been patiently waiting for my castle to become conquerable.
Instead it dested today and I had to build from scratch.  I learned
that Conquer was removed from the game.  Now, I would have no basis
to complain, except that the help file for Conquer still tells me to 
conquer it.  Perhaps we can clean up the help files?
(of course, I am open to getting it back too *grin* ;)
Sorry, failure to read inform newsgroup voids your warranty.  It's right
there on the packaging, right next to the warning about not over-clocking
I think it'd be a good idea to change or get rid of the conquer help file
Space for rent on sosel because it's better to be stuck on sosel and able
to chest than to just be stuck on sosel

10k a month with a box, 5k without a box

I don't have a lot of boxes right now, but I'm working on getting more

Drop me a mail/tell/whatever if interested

Oh, forgot to mention that it's behind a thiefstopper

Auction is over, winner: Katherine.
Thanks for saving me the trouble of selling it!

No, seriously, I was always planning to retire Lodestone after getting back
from my break, so if somebody else is making good use of her castle and eq,
that's all that matters. Enjoy!

The cutest Farren who ever retired in favour of her alts
15 room castle on Welstar, with thief stoppers and amentities.  I need
roommates to help me afford restoring it.  Looking for 5k / mo rent,
if I can get 7-8 people I can afford to keep the place.  Please
send me mudmail or tell Odin or me if either of us are on...

Newbie Fallen looking for a room. 
Warning, Beth alt, so please if possible, to avoid mplay, if oyu play to
party iwth beth, I will understand if the offer is refused.
Quiet vypir seeks room in castle to rent, preferably with a box
in which to store gear.  Please mudmail with opportunities...
Castle for rent on raji, door available. Rent dependent on amount 
of boxes loaned. Flappy tenants only, sorry. ;)

Please send a mail with requesting details; include your alts and 
what times you play during the week (with timezone please). Please 
note not all requests will be honored. 

Hello, I'm looking for two new roomies, its on crypt and rent is 5k a
month. I'm a templar and don't have any alts. Please mud mail me. Reyahi
okay, so I suck at misc != castle and I suck at east != west.

So, castle for sale on the *western* edge of perdow.

50k transfer fee + 5k and its yours!

looking to rent a room, maybe with a box but not necessary.
mail me with offers/info please :)
room found!
Hi, I'm looking to rent a room. A box would be great but it's not
necessary. Send me a tell or mail me with info/offers please =).
Found a room. Thanks to everyone that offered. =)
Box in a room shared with myself and someone who's almost never on
available on crypt, by the sulfur pools.
Contact me for details.
I am currently on the market for a nice place to live.  Well, really just a
place I can store my stuff.  So please send me a mail if you have a room
with a box for rent.  I have no refrences but I swear by the light of
Sikkar to pay my rent on time.
Poopachoop the homeless paladin
Room and box available in a tower near the sulfur pools on crypt. The room
is shared with myself. Send me a tell or mudmail for more information. Room
available until otherwise stated.

Castle room rented.
I currently looking for a room and a box or two to rent. I would prefer
welstar, but any where would do. Please mudmail me if you have a room i
could stay in. Also note I'm Keylos' alt so if you like to kill with him
plese ignore this.

When I thought I was retiring this alt, I sold my tower- one s of egate
Edon- and all of the boxes and lowbie tank gear inside.  The current owner,
who's name I don't remember, has elected to raid the contents and let the
tower crumble: It's at 'falling apart'.

That's entirely your right as an owner, but if you're not using it, can I
have it back, please?
I have two rooms for rent on welstar. Both are double rooms able to hold 15
boxes in total, with a privacy door.
Both are located behind a thiefstopper.

Prices will be negotiable for the rooms themselves, though there is a fixed
rate of 5k per month per strongbox rented and first month's rent is due up

If you are interested, please mudmail me or you can shoot me a tell if I'm
on. Priority will go twords active players though alts may be considered.
Rooms for rent on welstar/wysoom. ThiefStopper door. Any number
of rentable strongboxes. 5k/m each.
looking for a room to rent
alt of lodoss.
Hello, I am looking to rent a room and box, on crypt if at all possible. 
Please contact me if you think you could accomodate me.
I have found a room, thank you everyone.
As I'm not making as much gold as I used to, I'm afraid commissioning a new
castle is a little out of my budget. This leaves me with the next best
alternative: renting rooms in someone else's home.

I have my own boxes, I don't have alts, and I don't mind which planet I'm
on. All I need are two rooms. Anyone interested in receiving money from me
every month? Please send mails, tells, dA notes, etc.

~Levity the Magic Tree
I have a new home already. Life is good.

~Levity the Magic Tree
Tarnal alt looking for room.  Shared works for now.  Can buy my own box if
I have to.  Wysoom prefered but I'm not picky.
I am looking to purchase a castle on the planet of Wysoom. If anyone has
one that they are willing to part with please let me now how much you are
asking for it.

Martello available on Wysoom

Unpainted, unfurnished but it does have a thiefstopper.
500k plus tranfer fee if you want to own it outright
10k minimum monthly rent goes toward eventual ownership

Conveniently located close to Sauronan

Contact Pinky if interested
rooms for rent on sosel and welstar, can make boxes, 5k per rooms and
boxes. send mudmails and tells!
Wanted, room for rent on Crypt, Raji, Sosel, or Wysoom.
Chest or chests is preferred, but not required.
rooms for rent on welstar and wysoo. 5k/month per room or box. Mudmail me.
Rooms and boxes for rent on welstar, 5k pieces, pester me in tells and

Behind thief stopper.
To ex tenants: Evilild's old castle is at "falling apart" now, it has a few
doors and plenty of rooms so it'd be a waste to let it collapse since
conquering is out of question now. Don't have the gold to repair it myself.

  - Jon
Looking to rent a box. Don't mind if public or private.
Prefer any planet excluding welstar and perdow.
I have two suites for rent on welstar.

The castle is protected by a thiefstopper and has a messageboard.

Each Suite has 2 rooms behind a simple door for privacy.

I have a few boxes avalible for rent at aditional charge.

Anyone interested please contact me via mail or tells and we can discuss

Greetings, I am a Paladin looking for some storage. Welstar would be
nice, but I'll take what is offered. Thanks for your time.
looking for a room + box to rent, preferably on crypt. Mudmails or tells.
tenk you.
About the room + box rental..raji works fine too.
looking to rent a box somewhere on sosel

Looking for a place to stay and stash a thing or three.
  I am looking for someone to let me store one item in a spare box slot
behind no doors. Any planet will be fine.

If you have that room to spare and are feeling generous, please let me
  No longer looking for chest space, thanks.
Newbie Thuul looking for a reasonably priced storage solution. If you've
got an
extra box, please let me know the cost so we can work something out.

Thanks, Darkaven the Dark and Homeless
Newbie Fighter looking for a castle on Wysoom, with AT LEAST 6 slots of
storage space, preferrably 8.
Between the pricerange of 5k - 8k.
Tells and mails, please.
Castle ROOM, that is.
Ok, let's do this again.

I need a castle room on wysoom with 2 strongboxes

nice if it wouldn't be more than 15k/month

contact via mudmail/tells
Offering free lodging to a serious student of the hermetic arts, with
possiblity of ownership upon finishing primary guild training.  Location is
Crypt, near the Mad Merchant King's castle.  New characters prefered, or
characters without significant alts.  Mudmail inquiries.
little papua seeking a little room.
no bed required, i dont sleep
i'd need a box, tho, not really sure about the details for boxes
i don't litter and don't take much space, and usually spend most of the
time away.
prefered worlds would be raji or wysoom, or sosel if close to raji's pod
contact me with info if you have something that more than less meets my
demands, please.
Oh, sorry, i forgot to send a news that i already got my castle room, so no
more need for it.

(thanks, Eiryck!)
I have a few openings in my castle on Welstar.

2 double room suites are avalible, each located behind a thiefstopper for
security and a simple door for privacy.
I have a few boxes avalible for rent at aditional cost.

Send me a mail if interested, total prices can be discussed.  Make sure to
include information on any alts you have.  Being an alt won't nessesarily
exlude you from the offer, but priority will go to main chars.

For rent:  Two room tower in perpetual state of ill repair.  No boxes, no
golems, no stoneshielding, no doors, and it's on Sosel.

It's got a roof.

-Syran "Never Going To Work In Real Estate" Silverskin.
Updated Avalability in my castle:

Remaining, One double room suite, simple door for privacy, thief stopper
for security, space for 17 boxes.

One shared suite, thiefstopper for security, space for 7 boxes.

I still have some boxes for rent as well, and offer short term loans over 3
months to rent-to-own additional boxes.

Offer is to main chars as a priority, but frequiently played alts may be

Mudmail me with what you are looking for and with information on your alts
if interested.

I am looking to purchase a castle.  Requirements are at least 5 rooms and a
theifstopper. Interested parties contact me via mudmail/tells.

Looking for a room to rent, preferably on welstar, but I will take a room
Looking for a room to keep stuff in
who will give my alt a free home?
she has eq but loosing her home
she's tanky
it's a time of bordom alt
she has no boxes, but needs a home.

help an alt in need today.
Greetings Customer,
Tired of Thieves and nosey neighbors silting throgh your precious

Well ask around and find that Renjin's 100% trap creations can put a thorn
thier sides.  Pun included.  For price listings or just curious of what
type of
trap you currently have, Feel free to ask.

2-room castle on wysoom with two strongboxes for sale 250k.

mud-mail Enziet
Hi all,

Capable L16 Thuul Fighter in search of room and as many boxes as
can be spared. Willing to pay as much as 10k a month for room and box;
more if more boxes can be spared. If this seems naive in any way
please inform. I haven't played in about a year so scuzy scuzy.


Room and Box acquired... sorry for the misleading title. I didn't
realize until after I typed it in.

newbie fallen seeking castle with at least one box (two preferred but I'd
settle for just flight hide, monocles and two random things) planet doesn't
matter much since I have newbie transport and world rift
Hi, looking to rent a room with a box in a castle somewhere. Planet doesnt
really matter, still a newbie and will be for a while. From what I hear,
the usual price is something like 5K/month for the room and 5K/month for
each box? In any case, if you have anything available, give me a call.

I'm looking to rent a castle room with 2 boxes. Any planet is acceptable.

If you have something suitable, send me a mail or a tell.

Hello, I'm looking for a castle room with one to two boxes.  If anyone can
help me please send tells or mail?
I'm a Level 10 mage looking for a place to store my shiny new gear.
I'd slightly prefer a room on Raji, but it's not a big deal.
Hi, am am looking for a room + box on wysoom offering 10 K/month for both
Hi, am am looking for a room + box on wysoom offering 10 K/month for both

Greetings ocin.
I am looking for a room and a box to rent it would be great if it was on
crypt but I am willing to go to other planets. If you have anything
available please send me a mail or tell me when I am on.

Looking to rent a room with box on any world.
looking for a room with a box in crypt.  Pls send tells or mail.
looking for a room with a box or 2 on wysoom or sosel

lemme know
joda (justa alt)
looking for a room to rent with a box, i can use newb trans so i don't
really care what planet

Level 20 Fallen seeks room to rent.  Looking to store at least
seven items.

Looking for a room to rent.
Room+Box for rent on Wysoom, tenants must have water breathing.  Mudmail or
tell if interested
Need a room. Got my own boxes. Welstar or Wysoom would be preferrable.
I have a pair of peels available for rent.  They are 1 room each and do not
have strongboxes, so I'm willing to offer the floorspace for a mere
2k/month.  One is located at wgate edon, and the other is located 2w of
sgate saur.

Please contact me if you are interested in renting either room.
Rooms available on wysoom, characters with no alts preferred, but not a
requirement. Send tells or a mail if you're interested. Boxes available on
Gots a castle that could be rented out.
If you're interested contact me, mail me, or contact me on Nyaomi

Minimum payment is ~2500
Maximum runs up to ~3000
You pick in between the prices
Must provide your own chests / storage.
Unfortunately only has 2 rooms, so yeah. :)

I have some space avalible in a castle on welstar.

2 room suite with simple door for privacy:  10k/month

single room with shared simple door, 5k/month

strongbox 5k/month limit one per person

Additional strongboxes avalible on a rent to own basis:  25k/month for 4
months (80k cost +4 months box rent)

Mail me for further questions/details.

Mmmkay. Here's the dealie-o.
New castle for rent

Here's the jist of it:

|                                  |
|           5 rooms                |
| (4 discluding the entrance room) |
|                                  |
|              Rent:               |
|                                  |
|      3k for a random room        |
|      5k for a private room       |
|      5k per chest provided       |
|                                   \

If you're interested. Send me hot mail.
Or just message me if I'm on. x)
Preferably the hot mail, though.

Yours truly
I have a tower on Perdow, nw of Scarrowfell and just up from the
Shadowgate. Looking for unseelie alts to move in. Will be getting storage,
and rent would be free, looking for a bio and mage. This is mostly for
parties and to keep vaguely in character. Would prefer newish players or
ones who havent gone 25-30+ much, so we can advance together. Send me a
message if you're interested.

Zelder and I have now opened up new rooms for rent in our "Underground
City" of sorts.  Rooms are free to characters level 30 and below, 5k per
month to level 31+.  Boxes for rent at 5k per month, bring your own box for
2.5k per month (upkeep charge).  All inquiries welcome, contact either
Zelder or me (Rothgar) via tell/mail.  Newbie eq will be provided to true
newbies, not reincbies (but don't expect anything special, just getting you
started).  Thanks for your time, happy hunting.
P.S. Rooms are on wysoom, near the city.
Looking for a room to rent with a box. Please "tell" me in game if
possible. mail also ok.
If you are currently living in Rynne's castle, please send me a mail or

I'd like to communicate with remaining tenants (if any) so that we may
discuss potentially sharing the costs of castle maintenance.

The foundations are crumbling, and worse...

I need to rent a castle room.  Just one room that is empty.  I have 6 or 7

Prefer it to have some safety.

Another alternative is that I might consider buying a castle if the price
and location is right.

Let me know if you have either to offer (room to rent or castle to sell).

Thank you.

I have some room avalible in my castle on welstar.  It has a thiefstopper,
and I have some rooms with simple doors for privacy.  If interested, toss
me a mail, 5k per month per box/room reserved.  Alts are ok, but disclose
who your main/alt is.

Castle rooms available for rent on crypt, welstar, and wysoom. Send me a
tell or mudmail for details.
Martello on Sosel for sale:
Includes one door, a thiefstopper.
Convenient to Druid's guild.

200k, (seller pays transfer fee from that.)
I have rooms available on welstar. The castle is UNDERWATER, but the rooms
are all filled with air. The rooms are all behind a theifstopper, and
you'll have the place to yourself. I can arrange for a box, but two is
questionable. Send me a tell or mudmail for more info.
Looking for a room to rent, or a small castle to purchase.  Preferably on
Sosel or Crypt.
Let me know by tell or mail if you've got anything.


PS - Sell me your caster gear too.
  I am now offering castle rooms to anyone who wants them, free of charge.
If you are a newbie, I will even provide chests and some half decent
starter eq for you to use, as well as public use wand and potion racks for
all who live here, generally filled with fresh supplies.

  Necropolis is by the sulfur pools on Crypt, directions in my plan.
Contact me if you are interested. Guaranteed to stay repaired forever, and
the safest castle vs thieves in the game.

I have 3 chests (6 slot ones) and 1 weapon rack available for rent in a
shared room peel near igneous. 15k a month if someone wants to rent them
mail me if interested
I rescently built a tower on Crypt near fallen guild. If anyone is
looking for a place to rent or just start send me a mail or tell 
and i'll add you to castle friends. If you're looking to rent I
have a hiefstopper and can add rooms behind it (no boxes for rent 
at the moment). 

If there is any intrest in a escrow castle i'll be glad to offer
mine for those services, although I know it is out of the beaten

boxes all rented now
looking for a place to stay, preferably on suthnas.
send me prices and offers via tells/mail please

Ok so I have been trying to help people out and let them start in my
castle and given a few of them boxes to use. Now said players have
not been on in over a week. This is a notice that anyone who is 
living in my castle with a box and not paying rent that leaves for
more than two months with out the courtesy of a mud mail will 
most likely not have a box when they return.

Thanks Pleasure

ps. my castle is near fallen guild on crypt, send tells mails if intrested
in renting
I have a peel for sale. It's located at the northern "path up to abarack"
(on welstar), and of incredible quality. It could use some repairs in the
near future ("It looks as if it could do with some work."), but other than
that it's fine.

The price for this prime piece of real estate is a measly 60k, which
includes the fee for ownership transfer. Any cheaper would be free ;)
  Just a reminder - I am offering rooms in my castle, Necropolis, and
possibly minor starting eq completely FREE to anyone who is interested. You
will have to bring your own chest(s) or work out some kinda sharing deal
with the others who stay here.

  Contact me if you're interested and wouldn't mind living on crypt, and
we'll set you up.

Looking for a merchie to do some castle repairs via mudmail and delayed
transfers. Preferably someone with high cha.  Please mudmail me if
interested and I'll check it sometime tomarrow.
Evanescent wrote:
>  Just a reminder - I am offering rooms in my castle, Necropolis, and
>possibly minor starting eq completely FREE to anyone who is interested.
>will have to bring your own chest(s) or work out some kinda sharing deal
>with the others who stay here.
>  Contact me if you're interested and wouldn't mind living on crypt, and
>we'll set you up.
>                    -Evan
Still room available =D?
  Free castle rooms still available to most anyone. Mail or tell if

   |                    |
   |   ROOMS FOR RENT   |
   |     5k a room      |
   |     5k a chest     |
   |   2.5k additional  |
   |       chest        |
   |     Castle is      |
   |    Conveniently    |
   |     Placed  on     |
   |       Perdow       |
   |  Next to an SGate  |
   |    Contact Avia    |
   |                    |
   |  For more Details  |
   |                    |
Well, it looks like I have a relatively quiet castle all to myself now, and
I just can't have that. So I'm looking for a tenant or two that wishes to
live on peaceful Crypt. Boxed/unboxed rooms available, so call/tell/mail
I have a castle on suthnas close to chantry with 6 strongboxes I can rent
out for 25k a month. Mail me if interested
Seeking castle space.  Will bring my own boxes.

Thank you.

I still have room for a tenant in my raji castle that I dont use any more.
25k a month lets you rent 6 boxes and a private room
Looking to rent a room with atleast 1 box, preferably on crypt.
Hopefully with options to expand or add boxes as i restart my eq set.
Please mail me your available rates!
So I did my math wrong, and my nice little martello got destroyed.  I'm
looking for a place to start collecting boxes and maybe some gear again. 
Any planet will do. Although a room with a view is preferred.

Keylos, the homeless kun.
I've got two rooms behind a thiefstopper available to rent for 5k each. If
you want a box, that's another 5k per month.

Send mails or tells and I'll get back to you promptly.

I have a castle I don't use much anymore. It has 1 room, 4 boxes, 1 weapon
rack and some newbie gear.
If anyone wants to live there and use the stuff in it send me a mail.
As long as you repair it enough to stop it collapsing, that will be enough
I have a room and box available for rent on Welstar. Empty rooms also
available. Reasonable rates.

Give me a shout for more info.
Looking for a room with box capabilities as I get back into the swing of

Karo (not the corn syrup)
Per a discussion on retrochan today:

I have a room available for rent on sunny Crypt. Behind a thiefstopper, 5k
without box, 10k with.

Send tells or mudmails.

The great jobu has asked me to begin storing items I can't use, or are of
great value to the cause. I'm looking for a castle room (preferably on
perdow or raji). Mail me, etc. Thanks.

-Pedro the subtle
Looking for an ample storage space on any planet
I think I need to break down and rent a castle room (or buy a castle) and
storage before all the featherweighters in the game get really pissed off
at me for lugging around all my "Don't use it now, but might later and/or
it's too nice to just toss yet" threaded eq all the time, everywhere.

If renting, I'd prefer someplace that doesn't require me to have water
breathing and/or flight up to simply walk out the door.  It'd also be nice
if it maybe has some interesting low lvl farming (esp flappy farming) not
too far away.  (But that latter is much more a "nice to have", it isn't
critical to me.)  I expect to have newbie world portal transport and/or
newbie guide transport for the forseeable future, and I have the Fallen
"return to guild" spell also even if and when I lose newbie transport.

I'd need crate space for, I dunno, 15 to 20 or so items currently, plus
whatever else I might accumulate in the near future.  I have no crates
currently; I assume I'd have to rent or buy some.  In either event, I'd
prefer high density crates to density/price optimized crates.  I do not
need weapon racks, wand racks, etc at this time, just storage armor.

I have no alts.

I have plenty of cash on hand, and (if renting) would be happy to prepay
for a good chunk of time in advance, so that I don't have to think about

Lemme know.

-- JJustice
Xanadune here,

Looking to rent a room in a castle (with boxes preferably),
weapon rack most preferably. Have good income and responsible
with payments.

Got one! Thanks all!
Hi there,

Did someone repair my castle? It is 2w of nineveh south gate.

If you repaired it, please let me know so I can compensate you duly.

If someone who has the access to the chat fort add me to the castle friend
list, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
If anyone's interested in renting a castle room, and if they don't have a
problem with Sosel, let me know. I can get a merchie in here to do some
work :)
I'm looking to purchase a castle.  My order of preference is: sosel, then
raji, then crypt.  Just checking to see if any pre-owned are on sale first.
If not, I'll take a big, strong merchie!  Thanks.

For Trade: travelling boots, helm of horns, vim vambraces, cincture of
irreverence, mantle of the sea, soul shard

For Sale: kelly's locket 83k , simple headband 103k, leather coat 12k, silk
scarf 23k, cloth mittens 25k, ether braid 87k, main gauche 25k

Looking for:  dragon fang amulet, moonstone bracelet, silk doublet,
possibly multi items for trade for the preceding list.

As of boot, castle golems should count as constructs for appropriate
skills/spells (e.g. "heal construct" and similar).

-Kereth Midknight
Castle keys have been modded in a way that is difficult to test but which
should, theoretically, result in their not disappearing on crashes anymore.
At least, not on crashes where unthreaded loot or so forth still survives.

On a totally-less-newsworthy point, my auto-reimburse code should also hand
back fundamentals that aren't completely drained now.

-Kereth Midknight
Castle trashcans should now properly save over boot.

-Kereth Midknight
The castle trashcan should be able to be moved.

-Kereth Midknight
Hello Retro, I recently returned from a hiatus that lasted the better part
of a decade.  Upon my arrival I found myself in the same room i used to
rent, but with 2 empty iron chests that i soon found out i had no use for. 
I'm about 75% sure these are my boxes, but if someone could confirm they
aren't with a bit of info (chest names, combos, etc) i would really
appreciate it.


PS the castle is 1 up from the ivory tower on welstar, i'm also looking for
the current owner as i no longer appear to be on the lease.
Seeking: A castle for sale. 
Location: On Welstar, by Ngate, please.

Thank you!
Castle paintbrushes had a problem where the text applied would be wrapped
twice, through two different methods. This would sometimes result in extra
linebreaks, especially when working with color tags. This problem has now
been corrected.

-Kereth Midknight
Pointing/emoting/etc at castle doors should now show which direction they
lead and such, just like when you're looking at them in the room.

The various makeups that you can apply using the mirror will no longer be
threadable (or chestable if you manage to pry it off your face through some
tricky means).

The panther figurine has been changed so that when it decides to wander
around, it will leave the base of the figurine behind.  This means that it
should no longer disappear because of your castle deciding to save when the
figurine is in "monster form".  Also, supposedly the monster form wanders
around, but I haven't seen it do so in my testing.  But if it does wander
around, then the old form would change back to a castle object in whatever
room it happened to be in, which was possibly causing issues with the limit
on the number of savable objects in the room.  (And let me know if the
"wander around mode" is too rare.)

The comfy couch option in craft furniture will now actually produce a
"comfy couch" and not a "decent couch".  The contractors responsible for
this lapse in quality have been fired... out of a cannon and into the sun.

On a related note, the couch will now actually only allow 4 people to sit
on it like it was intended, you will be able to see who is sitting on it
(in the couch's description), and it will actually be possible to use more
than one couch in the same room.

Similar updates to "cheap couch" and "fine couch" will be coming shortly.

Changes will be effective at boot, unless you have a couch that wasn't
loaded yet.

And both cheap couch and fine couch have been similarly updated.

Castle doors should no longer claim to have traps when they have none.

Castle doors should now actually show their descriptions when you look at
them, where previously they only showed the trap status and the condition.

-Kereth Midknight
The masonry spell should now tell you if the quality of the
castle cannot be increased appropriately.

The earlier fix to castle door descriptions should be fully functional on
all doors, not just simple doors.

-Kereth Midknight
The scroll tube in castles should no longer be targettable as "scroll"

-Kereth Midknight
The fruit bowl should also no longer be targetable as "fruit," to avoid
various syntax conflicts.

-Kereth Midknight
The bed should no longer claim to be a couch if you try to fall onto it in
the wrong place.

-Kereth Midknight
For some reason, the target changes to certain castle items are only
affecting new items and not being applied to old items, even after boot.
I'm investigating why this is, but in the meantime, don't expect your
existing items to necessarily see any changes.

-Kereth Midknight
A heads up: If you ever see a chest with a serial number of 0, be warned
that it won't save your stuff.

More accurately, it won't load your stuff properly next boot. I've only
seen this happen once, but if you do find a chest like that, report it
instead of putting stuff in it. If you do put stuff in it, and it vanishes,
report it before putting more stuff in. Your items have probably saved, but
the chest can't get them back on its own.

You'll probably never see this happen, but you know, if you somehow do. . .
-Kereth Midknight
Seeking castle repair at 7 north of moon gate. 
Please invoice bahari with your fee on completion.
Boxes in castles that have been opened, starting next boot, will still be
open starting the boot following. Previously, opening a box required the
owner to take an object out or put an object back in before the act of
opening the box would stick. This will no longer be the case.

-Kereth Midknight
The earlier fix to make castle chests retain their open/closed/etc settings
properly over boot resulted in rent rooms going entirely offline. My bad.
This has now been corrected.

-Kereth Midknight
Castle doors should now interract normally with code relevant to their
condition, instead of giving mixed, sometimes contradictory results when
approached in different ways.

-Kereth Midknight
To the owner of the Fort at Ngate.
I was once a guest about 10 years ago when it was a Martello.  If it would
be alright I would like to be one again.
Ty Renjin.
I have fixed some stuff in the base chest code to make some new features
possible. Everything seems to work fine on all my tests, etc, etc, but if
for some reason you log in sometime soon and find out that every chest in
your whole castle has exploded, please get my attention as quickly as

-Kereth Midknight
Since nothing bad seems to have happened last time, I went ahead and fixed
more stuff in base chest code to make way for new features again. As
before, I tested it and stuff, but if your stuff explodes. . . you know,
same procedure.

-Kereth Midknight
Castle bulletin boards will now actually show their name given
upon creation.
They can now also be removed.

See Also: help spell create board

Dropping furniture in castles under very precise conditions should no
longer result in those items not actually being saved over boot.

-Kereth Midknight
The previous fix to dropping stuff in castles also inadvertently connected
some bits of code that had been deliberately kept separate. As a result, it
also affected stuff falling in castles (sinking through down exits etc).
This was a mistake. Castle chests are not supposed to automatically fall
down a staircase just because there's a staircase there.

The original fix has been retained, but the side effects should be
corrected at boot. My apologies.

-Kereth Midknight
It should now hopefully be much more difficult, if not impossible, to build
castle rooms in the extradimensional castle kingdom. Existing castle rooms
should all exist within the retroverse as we know it.

-Kereth Midknight
Several ownerless castles throughout the retroverse have been removed. For
those fearing the loss of anything important, the following statistics
neatly summarize the destruction:

Total castles destroyed: 12 (I think? I probably lost count a little along
the way)
Largest castle destroyed: 1 room
Total chests destroyed: 0
Total doors destroyed: 0
Total castle golemns destroyed: 0
Total castle boards destroyed: 5
Total number of people who had been allowed into any of these castles: 0
Total room descriptions lost: 0
Total exits back to the overworld lost: 6
Total castles who weren't even on a valid map square: 1

-Kereth Midknight
I don't think I'm alone in appreciating it very much when a board is 'found
during excavation' as a foundation is laid.

It's probably, nominally, a bug, but it's a quirk that is dear to our
hearts. It's a link to the past, a nice surprise or more rarely an expected

As a recent example, when the Ranger Castle was re-founded, having posts by
Rita and so on give it a connection to the old Ranger Castle, maybe a sense
of legitimacy.

And since this is after all the 'castle' channel, I guess this is the time
and place: Rangers! The Ranger Castle has been re-founded on the ruins of
the old. The board is intact, and though all the old storage is gone, more
has been purchased, and mostly filled with seed ammo. Do you have old
decriptions from inside? Would you like access to the new? Then I'd like to
hear from you.
Plushies should no longer allow themselves to be dropped in a castle room
if doing so would cause the room to contain any number of items greater
than eight.

-Kereth Midknight
Castle trash cans have been updated. You will at least notice the

1. Castle trash cans now have access to the "retrieve" command available on
other trash cans.
2. It is no longer possible to toss a castle trash can into itself.
3. Castle trash cans now have an "anchor" command to make them ungettable.
The same command can also be used to remove this status, if you need to
relocate or remove a can.

-Kereth Midknight
New option for the masonry spell: settlement


With this new feature, the "castle friend"/"castle enemy" commands have
also been expanded to "castle friend"/"castle unfriend"/"castle
enemy"/"castle unenemy" (the latter of which are currently only useful for
excluding specific people from settlements).

Some minor changes to messages have occurred as well, mostly to correct
grammar and capitalization issues in the overworld room descriptions
outside castles.

-Kereth Midknight
Some updates have been added to "help castle," including documentation of
the castle enemy/unenemy/unfriend syntax changes and adding an extra line
to clarify that "lease" abilities within a given room include adding exits
(and possibly thus new rooms) from that room.

-Kereth Midknight
"Help castle" should also no longer make references to castle decay,
conquering castles, or make allusions to players entering castles without
the owner's permission to steal stuff being a normal part of gameplay.

-Kereth Midknight
"Help castle descriptions" now has an extra sub-section on size-based
descriptions for settlements. Note that the range on the settlement
descriptions is not the same as for castle descriptions.

-Kereth Midknight
Golems should now actually* be able to defend their castle owners from

-Kereth Midknight

* Long version: Golems set to "aggressive" attack things that are not the
owner, friends in the room, etc. However, this doesn't apply when the owner
is in the room. This enables owners to guide other players safely through
their castles, etc. However, this also means that golems will stand idly by
if the owner is present and being attacked.

The exemption for the owner being present and the golems not attacking
should now be limited to players and pets. All non-pet mobs, including and
most especially castle pests, should now be attacked normally by golems set
to aggressive.

Owners should be aware of the perils of having golems who have access to
area effect attacks (skills, spells or weapon specials) as they will not be
immune to being included in the area of effect.
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