Carve Triumph Rune

Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 15
Endurance cost: 60
Affecting stats: dex
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: religious
Skill Level: 11
Skill Type: Non combat
Skill Targetting: object
Components: knife (reusable)

Skill Description

This skill allows the Jomsviking to carve a rune of power in the blade of the weapon, imbuing it with the powers of the nine worlds. By doing so he weakens the condition of it as the strength of the rune takes hold. Like all rune-carving, it requires a knife. It will only work on polearms, axes, daggers, and broad blades.


Grants 20% non-physical damage of the type listed below

Item tag Damage Types
Ljossalfheim Electrical
Svartalfheim Asphyxiation
Vanaheim Psionic
Hel Poison, Also darkens room 1 light level
Jotunheim Acid
Nilfheim Cold
Muspellheim Fire
Midgard Disintegration
Asgard Illusion, Also brightens room 1 light level
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