Carve Rune Axe

Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 15
Endurance cost: 50
Affecting stats: dex
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: religious
Skill Level: 9
Skill Type: Non combat
Skill Targetting: object
Components: knife (reusable)

Skill Description

This skill allows the Jomsviking to carve runes of power onto his axe. It transforms the axe into a powerful tool of destruction, which varies in effectiveness based on the power of the individual Jomsviking. Such a rune axe is wild and unpredictable in nature - it's effects fluctuate wildly. Like all rune carvings, it requires the Jomsviking to have a knife to carve the runes. The axe becomes indestructable and bound to its owner. Anyone else will suffer damage from trying to wield it. Once turned into an Axe of Entropy, it will never turn back to its previous form, even due to Armagg-odhin's daily destruction of the Retroverse.


Entropy axes are very powerful weapons, and most Jomsvikings spends most of their carreers wielding one until they can get a hold of a Maatsad or a Silver fang.

They are indest, they keep their size over boot and have very powerful specials.

An Entropy Axe's stats depends of the base axe and of the training of the Jomsviking.

The WC is determined by either the base axe, either by a formula (unknown to us) involving the carve kenning skill (info given by torch in news).

The hit and damage bonuses are equal to the highest bonus from the base axe (example, carving from a The Axe (Hit -5, Dam 5) will result with an Entropy Axe with Hit 5 and Dam 5 bonuses.

The damage types are thoses of the base axe. If the base axe has asphyxiation(40%) fire(20%) physical(50%), then the AoE will have asphyxiation(40%) fire(20%) physical(50%). There is no way to tamper with that, the exploit allowing someone to mod the dtypes on carving has been fixed.

The specials on a AoE are mostly damage specials, and only one does DoT. Some are powerful enough to trigger chantry diffuse.

It is a good idea (as a newbie) to used crude weaponsmithing to make an axe, then carve it. It's also good to carves axes like The Axe or Runed Viking Axes for most folks.

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