Carve Iron Cant Bite Rune

Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 15
Endurance cost: 127
Affecting stats: dex, wis, con
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: religious
Skill Level: 20
Skill Type: Non combat
Skill Targetting: living
Offensive: No
Location: anywhere
Components: knife (reusable), laguz (1 charge), gebo (1 charge), tiwaz (1 charge), ihwaz (1 charge)

Skill Description

This skill allows the Jomsviking to carve a rune of protection into living tissue, protecting themselves or another warrior from the weapons of their adversaries. The effect is to grant the target minor protection from physical damage as well as a boost in physical armor for as long as the rune remains on their body. Using this ability involves some minor blood loss, but only on the part of the Jomsviking inscribing the rune. Training in the tattooing skill will provide a small bonus and may slightly reduce the amount of blood that must be lost in using the skill.


Provides 25% physical resistance and 100 pv. It has the same 4 minute duration as other damage resistance spells, being essentially a modified minor physical resistance. It cannot target party, like actual resistance spells. The damage it causes is minimal.

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