Type: Healing
Humanoid Healing: 45
Animal Healing: 45
Fish Healing: 45
Insect Healing: 45
Plant Healing: 45
Non-Flesh Healing: 45
Undead Healing: 45
Alignment Healing: good
Casting time: 1 rounds
Spell cost: 10
Spell level: 1
Spell category: unction
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget
Range: close
Components: VS
HnP cost: 1
Alignment: Cannot be Evil.


Sikkar is known for His wrath against those who have sinned, but He also is capable of mercy and kindness. This spell grants a small amount of Sikkar's mercy upon an injured person, healing wounds and mending small injuries of His faithful. The higher the target's alignment, the more generous the healing Sikkar will grant.


This spell is useful for offsetting poison ticks or minimal healing when low on SP, but almost every other healing spell offers more healing per round.

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