Borales Mansion

*A fancy house has been cut into the rock walls in the city of Borales. A rich man entered town and ordered a small mansion built for his home away from home. It is rumored that he has a very nasty attitude and wants to be the new mayor. Also, it has been mentioned that he had a place built in his mansion to put some of his valuables.

The Borales Mansion is an area on crypt. It is not level locked anymore (lock used to be 65) . It contains a family of nasty nobles and their servants. It was coded by Thor.
It is located inside Borales City




Name # notes
Grendelthorn 1 Mapr/mapoir/mahr/masr/macr, self heals, vswarms, summons adds
Slave 1 2 Argus fallen. Can sleep/para the party, does a random fallen dtype and physical damage.
Slave 2 3 Vipyr fallen. Can poison the tank. Does a random fallen dtype and physical damage.
Slave 3 4 Pudding fallen. Can hold the party one at a time. Does a random fallen dtype and physical damage.

Boss info - WIP

Grendelthorn dtypes
You flash GREEN! - Poison
You flash BROWN! - Harm
You flash STEEL! - Physical
I didn't get a chance to see what dtype his weapon was when we entered but those are what instantly flashed fighting him alone. Due to the adds I heavily suggest you prot vs all Fallen dtypes. His damage never seemed to change despite using a Fellblade, but his adds can.

Grendelthorn Grendelthorn raises his hands and you feel a jolt!
You flash WHITE!

About 200 damage Sonic/Cold special

Grendelthorn raises his hands and the pillars GLOW and HEAL the master. - Heal special?

Grendelthorn starts using a race power.
Grendelthorn unleashes a swarm of wasps! - He uses vswarm

The pillars echo, 'Prey my lord.' - Unsure what this is

The pillars emit a glow that surrounds you. - About 100 damage to the room, unholy damage?

Grendelthorn snaps his fingers and a slave appears before your eyes. - Summons an add. He can use this special in the same round as the other one that summons an add.

Grendelthorn's eyes glow red and a slave appears. - Summon an add. He can use this special in the same round as the other one that summons an add.

The slaves are seemingly random races, though I've only seen Argus and Vipyr.

The Argus have limbs, so be careful of that.
Argus can aoe sleep, do aoe disint/psi damage, aoe fear, and aoe slow.
The fear effect is NOT blocked by esong
It is blocked by fearlessness
Unsure if it's blocked by Morale or Intfort or PFH (For some reason???)

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