This guild is located on the planet of Welstar in the area known as Anathaera the A on the outerworld map. enter the area then go forest then go to the southwest corner and go e, n, n.

Ancient tree northeast of the whistling stone (marked 's') in the Anathaera forest area

Bladesinging emphasizes beauty and economy of movement over sheer destructive power. However, the bladesong is deceptively dangerous, for all its seeming gentleness and apparent grace. Bladesong is so named for several reasons. The first and most obvious is because of the whistling of the blade as it slices through the air when this style of fighting is used. The second is for the haunting tune its practioners sing as they fight. Those who practice bladesong appear to be dancing. Their movements seem misleadingly slow and elegant, deflecting opponents' blades while lazily drifting back to score hits themselves. The techniqure requires, above all, misdirection and subtlety. The bladesingers do not believe in smashing blows or strog and crushing offense, but rather in guiding their opponents to anticipate a different attack entirely, thus overbalancing the foe and making him seem clumsy. Bladesingers also serve as historians, memorizing great feats and setting them down in the form of poetic ballads. It is well known that the foolish who maligns a bladesinger will soon hear his name slandered in innumerable ballads across the land. Those who practice bladesong are not just master of their weapon, but of their voice as well, and their knowledge of sonics and magic allows them to cast spells unlike any other guild.

Skill bladesinging

Action Duration: 1
Endurance cost: 10
Affecting stats:
Resisting stats:

Skill Category: bardic
Skill Level: 9
Skill Type: Non combat
Skill Targetting: none
Location: anywhere
This skill toggles your bladesinging on and off. It's automatically checked in battle. You can't use it if you go into negative sps. It does a steady, albeit slow, drain of sps/eps as it's used.
Bladesinging gives bonuses to hit, to damage, and to weapon parrying.
Note: It won't work if you have less than 10 endurance points, plus it won't work if you're concentrating on a skill or spell. It only works with daggers, thin blades, or ancients. All weapons wielded must be of one of those types, unless it is in an offhand, in which case it can be a shield or a held item.
Usage: use bladesinging to start and stop

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