Description: Biomancers have a great interest in the body and curative medicine. The biomancer exhibits a fascination with life and death that borders on obsession. Casual acquaintances may consider her cold or hostile, but those who befriend the biomancer may come to know her as a caring, complex individual whose emotions run deep. The biomancer can be a valued and trustworthy companion. Biomancers are unshakable in their determination to confront and extinguish evil and will join like- minded individuals to undertake these types of missions. Not only do biomancers wield unmatched power, their familiarity with life and death makes them virtually fearless. On the other hand, a biomancer, much to a leader's chagrin, does not always follow orders automatically; a biomancer who disagress with her party's strategy may simply strike out on her own.
Leader bonus: 5 SPR
Champion bonus: 5 SPR Avoids all of the nasty side effects of a biomantic fumble.

This guild uses Hermetic magic.
Hermetic Bulk: Minimal (1/4)
Spiritual Bulk: Minimal (1/4)

Level Skills Spells Restrictions
1 attack
consider humanoid
cure light wounds
2 first aid Light
Summon Scalpel
3 staff
surgical strike
4 autopsy cure minor wounds
5 restore
minor distant heal
ward of health
6 mana save
essence eye
mirror image
7 cure serious wounds
8 minor distant transfer
satiate person
9 mix elixir
create charm
10 cupping
11 weaken poison
remove scar
12 cure major wounds
distant weaken poison
lesser party heal
13 anatomy
major distant transfer
14 minor choler
remove poison
minor sanguine
major distant heal
minor melancholy
15 quick chant poison immunity
minor phlegm
thin blade weapon restriction
16 destroy spiritus
healing circle
17 surgery distant remove poison
iron will
18 examine remove exhaustion
cure disease
19 brain surgery true distant transfer
greater party heal
20 major choler
major melancholy
major phlegm
major sanguine
greater heal

Stat potential:
Str: none (0/7)
Agi: none (0/7)
Dex: little (2/7)
Con: little (2/7)
Int: little (2/7)
Wis: little (2/7)
Per: little (2/7)
Cha: none (0/7)

Point Potential:
HP: small (3/7) HPR: small (3/7)
SP: average (4/7) SPR: average (4/7)
EP: little (2/7) EPR: little (2/7)

Category Bonuses:
Healing skill: small (3/7)
Alteration hermetic spell: small (3/7)
Healing hermetic spell: small (3/7)

Race Matches:
Good: Arcanus, Atomy, Boelir, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Gremlin, Human, Kanku, Leprechaun, Saytr, Tortle and Vulpin.
Average: Centaur, Dragon, Gargoyle, Hephestian, Jinn, Kreen, Mummy, Myconoid, Titan and Vampire.

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