Binding Contract
Type: Healing
Humanoid: 600 Animal: 600
Fish: 600 Insect: 600
Plant: 600 Non-Flesh: 600
Undead: 600 Alignment: Evil
Casting time: 7 rounds Spell cost: 400
Spell level: 20 Spell category: bewahrung
Affecting stats: wis
Offensive: No Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget Range: close
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Evil.
Spell Description
With this spell you make a deal with Varkyll-an-Bluge
to restore the fraility of your mortal body causing scars to heal,
diseases to be cured, spirit renewed, and your body restored.
To seal this bargain you sign a contract in blood with a
Cultist signing away their soul. The cultist may or may not reveal
the implications of signing this contract with you. The cultist may
collect on this contract at anytime regardless if it may be possibly
fatal to you. This is NOT a valid reason to pkill the cultist as you
signed the contract. This spell requires both caster and target to be
in the same party and this is considered acceptance by the target for
signing the contract.
invoke binding contract at <target>


This is the cultist's version of the greater miracle spell, and is most commonly used to cure various diseases. The percentage a cultist has in this spell determines its ability to cure afflictions.

While capable of healing Hellheal is far more time/SP-efficient. It generally removes 0-2 scars, thus it is just better to ask a biomancer for a Remove Scar spell.

Binding Contract may only be cast on a player in the same party as the cultist, and creates a contract of a random percentage regardless of what is healed. The target may not be good (although neutral is acceptable for disease curing), and the cultist may not target themselves.

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