Bard Points

Bard points are similar to Fallen Power Points and Paladin Honour Points. Bards can spend them to upgrade their instruments much as Fallen and Paladins do their respective guild items.

The primary source of Bard Points is exploring. Any time a bard receives explore experience, they also receive bard points. Like explore experience, the number of points increases with explore percentage.

Bard points are sometimes also awarded when using Epitaph, Engaging Banter, Taunt, or Emotion Song.

Bard points can be lost by fleeing or wimpying, by reincarnating, or by killing bard NPCs. The loss for killing a bard seems only to occur if you land the killing blow. There have been cases of BP loss without a killing blow, but they may have been bugs.

Besides instrument upgrades, BP is also used to power the Exploration skill in the Explorer tertiary.

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