Bandit Raiders

A Strange Split
You are at the bottom of Damora Lake. A large wall splits the western wall
of the lake.

Bandit Raiders is an area on Perdow. It's underwater in Damora Lake and does not have a unique map icon. It is level locked at 25, and is almost entirely underwater. Monsters are Kuroa, and most of the ones you'll run into are in the 800-2500exp range. They aggro unpredictably but it's rare to see more than two in the same room at once. It was coded by Torch.



Name # notes
Guard Lots Worth 2.5k
Kuroan flunkie Lots Worth 1k
Kuroan boss flunkie 1 Worth 1k, found in the maze of twisty turny underwater passages, drops curved ivory
Kuroan guard Lots Worth 800
Child ~20 Worth 400-500, probably sentinel rescue fodder, may be bards. Various races. Found in the Air-Filled Pocket
Mutant kuroa 1 Worth 14k
Shnk'marr, the Ravager Empress 1 Boss. Knocks some party members out of her room upon entering
Elite guard Summon Summoned by Shnk'Marr


There is a special Opal and Ivory Ring available in this area. Find a piece of curved opal (dropped from a mob in Inside a Huge Underwater Cavern) and a piece of curved ivory (dropped from a mob in the Maze of Twisty Turny Underwater Passages). Put them together with the 'attach' command on the opal to get the Opal and ivory ring, which has no stats, is size 0, and is worth almost nothing.

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