Difficulty: Heroic
Creator: Justin -redone by faeryll-
World: Raji

Description: The ruthless Sultan of all Raji, Odie, has imprisoned the
great platinum dragon Bahamut beneath his castle. He keeps the noble dragon
for his amusement. Bahamut cannot escape because the magic of his prison
feeds off the life energy of the magnificent dragon. The only way to
release the dragon is to kill him, allowing his spirit to escape and to
forever be at peace. Added to entrapment, the curse has another side
effect, it forces Bahamut to fight for his life. Odie would not want to
lose his favorite plaything. Rumor has it that once the dragon is killed,
all one must do is follow the instructions written on the walls. Beware
though, once you have entered the prison you cannot escape but through the
death of you or the dragon.

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