Azalins Hunting Lodge

A lodge in the woods, where the disguinshed sportsmen go to relax after the hunt. Owned by Azalin, this winderness refuge is a high class retreat. Won't you join him and the other in enjoying fine food, drink, and swapping exciting memoirs of the hunt?

Located: 4N, 8NW of Ngate Keystone

Symbol: Red "L"

Level Lock: Max Lock 20

Rooms: 65

Some are hidden with no in game hints, use of 'search' will reveal them

Quests: None

Common Mobs:

Critters - 30xp
Staff-type - 100xp
Female Guest - 150xp
Male Guest - 350xp

Boss: Azalin - 1100xp

Azalin is in a room on the second floor with one "Male Guest" mob
While not overly difficult, he is a mage, and will let loose with a good damage spell occasionally


Azalin's Robe:
Bulk (1) PV(30)
Int(1) Spr(2)
Slots{lower arm(2), lower torso, upper arm(2), upper torso}
Skills{mana save(2%)}
Azalin's Staff:
Staff-type Weapon
Size(80) Wgt(5.00) WC(5)
Damage{cold(10%) physical(90%)}

Area Notes:

Mobs here do not follow
The "Sick Guest" mob has a chance to cause disease
"Winston" mob, while meleeable, seems to be proof against melee skills
XP values are approximate, and vary based on mobs race and other factors

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