Axe Twirling

Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 4
Endurance cost: 40
Affecting stats: str per
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: armed combat
Skill Level: 10
Skill Type: combat
Skill Targetting: melee opponent
Offensive: Yes

Skill Description

Every fighter with an axe knows how to fight with it - how to swing, and
how to at least hope to block. A well trained Jomsviking in the midst of
heated battle knows a bit more about what an axe can really do. With this
skill, the Warrior hurls his melee axe just like a thrown weapon, from only
scant yards away. A dexterious Warrior can pull off this move without a
hitch, and if the axe should get stuck in his target, well, it -is- within
reaching distance after all …
Also warrior who has well-trained in medium throwing is better able to do


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