I have been playing retro since the late 90s. When I was serving in the 1/75th Avathos shows me this game and it has been a virus ever since. I have meet well over 50 retroers in real life over 20 years playing here. I am normally helpful even if my personality is often abrasive to thin skinned people.

Borfax was my original character then was lost in a name inactive pure that don't happen anymore, so I then started as Avala and remade Borfax later.

Long ago when I started retro I was a Homarid Paladin Templar I quickly wanted to tank over middles/hybrid so I reinc. I am most likely remember for really bad typing skills people like Lakota and others even got tattoos of Avala decoder rings and Deee often refereed to it as Avalalitis. My most historic run that is Minotaur Paladin my first reinc that followed, the first person to max a paladin shield and due to a RP post the person who got major mods to paladin guild to long to list. I then played Yaag-nesh Cultist Abj for a long period and then I have been Fighter ever since Leading and Championing the Fighter guild for as long as I can remeber.

I was also the first person to take the plunge and remort.

I do limited RP and am not a huge fan of exploring as I get bored. I prefer to either do Eq monsters or grind exp.

I am one of the last remaining UA Members the Unholy Alliance.
To : Avala
From : Scyld
Date : Sun Aug 8 21:17:25 1999
Subject: UnHoly Alliance Membership

Congratulations, you recieved a majority vote and are now a Member!
Remember, LOYALTY counts. :)


My webpage is way out of date I need to find a better site to host it on.

Character summary:
BOLD characters are the ones I actually play beyond services.
Character Build Race Misc
Avala 20 Fighter 20 Necromancer 14 Entertainer sikh (Ancient path )50 Revenant Tank and Ranged bow and small throwing, Necro Pet, drain, blast, prot
Borfax 20 assassin, 20 necromancer, 14 fedayeen, 9 shadow of steel, 9 shadow of vengeance, 9 shadow of man, 9 shadow of blood, 9 shadow of time, 1 shadow of death, 1 fighter, 9 abjurer Ahrimazda Harbinger of Zarakalyn help Zaraklyn in game semi retired until content in game is updated
Unknown 20 Necro 20 Bard 14 Death master Kreen
Requiem 20 Templar 20 Assassin Anakim Good aligned Ress alt
Vaevictis 16 Cultist The Best Race
Wolverine 18 Sent Freezer
Zaraklyn 20 Druid anakim Magical Cure Alt
Lord Soth Freezer Freezer
Justice 20 Merchant, 9 Bard, 11 Telemancer Hephestian Service alt
Vengar 20 Alchemist, 7 Wet, 7 Frosty, 9 Bard Hephestian Service alt
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