Races: werewolf and vulpin
Level: 10
Activation time: 7
Offensive: No
EP Cost: 30
Range: Room
Those races of Lupine nature, Vulpin and Werewolf, have an ancient tie with the worlds upon which they live. This power, which is said to shape their destiny, is that of the moon.

Vulpins, who hail from Welstar, thrive under Ambrosia. Werewolves, who hail from Perdow, have found affinity with Ragnarok . Though not a 'natural' moon like Ambrosia, those who inhabit Perdow have found rapport to it, as their kin do.

One of a lupin race is said to be born under the sign of the moon. The sign they are born under influences and shapes their lives - if they let it. The moon never forces her attention upon them, but waits patiently for them to come to her. When a Lupin is old enough, they begin to be 'called' by the moon of their birth, as she seeks to give them their birthright. Should they accept, they seek rapport with the moon, who then bestows her mark upon them.

The mark one receives is based on the phase of the moon that they accept as their birthright through the rite of Auspice.

Those of the New Moon, She who is veiled: INT

Those who seek her gift are bestowed with greater insight. They focus less on what can be seen, and more on what cant be seen. Often retreating to meditation, and abstract though, She grants them greater understanding as the look within themselves for the answers. Those Lupin who follow Her are known as the 'Veiled' though respect for Her.

Those of the Crescent Moon, She who leads: AGI

Those who seek her gift are bestowed with fleetness in their actions. While the moon above is starting to return form Her hiding, so do Her chosen gain the ability of swiftness in their comings and goings. The Crescent moon is a portent of what is to come, and thus do those who choose Her learn how to prepare for long travels. They learn how to arrive and leave without notice, and it is said that they make no more noise when passing through a forest in the fall than a moonbeam does. Those Lupin who follow Her are knows as the 'Ghosted' after their unnervingly silent passages.

Those of the Half Moon, She who sees all: WIS

Those who seek her gift are bestowed with greater balance in their actions. As their Auspice places them between 'She who is Veiled' and 'She who Triumphs', so too do they gain the balance of Her. The Lupins who follow her are blessed with greater insight as what to undertake, and recognize the balance of both knowledge and activity. Thus, they can choose and foretell without having to rely on gifts from wither side. Those Lupin who follow Her are knows as the 'Serene' after the look that crosses their face when they call upon Her gifts.

Those of the Gibbous Moon, She who beckons: CHA

Those who seek her gift are bestowed with an aura that calls others forth. As the Gibbous moon calls forth and heralds the glory of the Full moon, thus do Her chosen call forth the people of the world. They often serve as heralds in times of need, as well as being able to adapt to others and hear them out. Those who follow Her are more apt to pick up on the little things others need to see or hear in order to have their attention gained, and instinctively call upon these little things so that they may be able to accomplish what needs to be done easier. Those Lupin who follow Her are known as the 'Ardent' due to the warmth of the aura that She surrounds them with.

Those of the Full Moon, She who Triumphs: STR

Those who seek her gift are bestowed with exceptional form of body. As the Full moon covers the sky drawing attention to Her, so do the bodies of those who seek Her develop. They grow strong, able to withstand the darkness around them, and lead forth the light that She grants them. Those Lupin who follow Her are known as the 'Stalwart' due to the manner of which they fight in battle, relying on Her gifts to pull them through rather than what they alone can do.

Once a lupin Auspices, they are forever binded with the phase they chose, and can never leave it. The can choose to auspice and seek her wisdom time and time again in their lives, but no matter whatm they always seek the same path. no matter what moon is in the sky.

New INT Veiled
Crecent AGI Ghosted
Half WIS Serene
Gibbous CHA Ardent
Full STR Stalwart
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