Underwater Cavern
You're in an underwater cavern. The cavern to the south seems to lead up into dry ground.

The Asylum is a newbie area on perdow. Its level lock is set to 10 (but locks lower than 15 default to 15 now). It contains a lot of different creatures, hidden rooms, interesting conversations and both actual quests and red herrings. It was coded by Oracle.
Directions from ngate scarrowfell: 2se, 2s, 7sw, 2d, se, 4s


The trolls will throw players that stand in their room through the window.
Going south through the exit marked on the map as "to the aligned maps" will put you into the map opposed to your alignment.


Name # notes
a blind man 1 important
a crippled poucadd 1 -
a troll guard 2 tosses the player in
Assistant to the Crystal Keeper 1 -
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