Action Duration: 0
Endurance cost: 20
Affecting stats: strength
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: general combat
Skill Level: 7
Skill Type: Anytime
Skill Targetting: special
Offensive: No


This skill allows someone to attempt to drag an unconscious player into a neighboring room. In doing so, you make yourself vulnerable to attack. Usage: use assist at person exit


This skill is used to drag an unconscious/dying player from a room. The player must be strong enough to drag said unconscious/dying player (an atomy cannot drag a titan, etc.) and this skill will not stop a player from dying of their wounds if they are bleeding. Any heal spell can stop said bleeding (in fact, it might be a good idea to cast a heal spell on the player before assisting them from the room), but only a first aid type skill can revive an unconscious player. This skill is difficult to use, even with a macro, since you must type in both the player's name and the exit in the scant second/s between round/s said player has to live if they are being attacked by a mob.

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