Artists Retreat

High on the cliffs overlooking this water-washed world, Montalvo has retreated from the outside world to create his artistic visions. As his the unveiling of his masterpiece nears completion, he has invited the practitioners of the artes to attend the grand occasion. Even as the unveiling approaches, he has retreated to his workroom; what visions does he see that drives him to create?

Located: 5W, 5NW of Ngate Sauronan

Symbol: White "&"

Level Lock: Max Lock 30

Rooms: 42

The rooms leading to the boss are hidden.

Quests: None

Common Mobs:

Artisians: 150-200xp
Paintings: 150-200xp

Boss: Montalvo - 3000xp

Montalvo hides in a hidden room.
While fighting, he will receive aid from his painted mobs who join in.
Beware his Power Word Kill spell - it has caught many the unware.


Chromatic Cloak:
Bulk (1) PV(4)
Light(1) Int(3) Wis(3) Spr(3)
Slots{cloak, shoulder(2)}
Chromatic Lenses:
Light(1) Spr(3)
Spells{brightbeam(2%) chaos(2%)}

Area Notes:

Mobs here do not follow
"Painting" mobs leave no corpse, and will just drop loot in the room when they die
"Painted" Guards will shackle
Gambler Artisians will cast Molten Gold
XP value ranges are approximate, and vary based on mobs race and other factors

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