Anastasia's Coming

Difficulty: Moderate
Creator: Wotan
World: Wysoom

Description: Anastasia, the Queen Of The Ice, is returning to her palatial
home in the glacial wastes of Wysoom. Her castle has appeared there,
heralding the arrival of the Mistress Of The Frozen Wastes. When she
arrives, she will sweep down across Wysoom, covering the whole world in a
thick blanket of snow and freezing cold. But, before she can do it, she
must assemble the four Crystals of Marduk and place them inside her brooch.
She has arrived, and ice mephits have been spotted outside Sauronan. Go to
Anastasia's Ice Palace and destroy her incarnation before she can gather
the Crystals, and take her Brooch to the Sun Temple in Sauronan where they
can destroy it!

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