Homeworld: Raji
Description: The Anakim are a race of half-angels. Dubbed the children of Sikkar, the Anakim walk the planets in search of demonic forces to battle. Noble and proud, often haughty and sometimes idealistic, Anakim justice is swift and decisive. Their angelic nature is not without its weaknesses. As a result of their spiritual infusion they are more vulnerable to harm that lesser humans are accustomed to suffering.

Stat Potential
Str: moderate (5/10)
Agi: moderate (5/10)
Dex: moderate (5/10)
Con: moderate (5/10)
Int: moderate (5/10)
Wis: good (7/10)
Per: moderate (5/10)
Cha: good (7/10)
Siz: 7'3" (87)
Weight: 59 kg
Metarace: Celestial

Maximum Age: 777 years
Dietary Requirements: omnivore
Number of limbs: two
Natural Armor: weak (5/9)
Natural Weapons: poor (3/11)
Experience Rate: 86%
Skill Maximum: 90%
Hermetic Spell Maximum: 20%
Spiritual Spell Maximum: 100%
Heartbeat: Rapid
Vision: light, and ultra light conditions

Slots: a brow, a head, two eyes, a neck, an amulet, a brooch, a cloak, an upper torso, a lower torso, two upper arms, two lower arms, two wrists, two hands, two fingers, a belt, two upper legs, two lower legs and two feet. (27)
Advantages: poison immunity, and wings.
Disadvantages: half exp if evil and regen only in light.
Miscellaneous: corpse does not rise and natural terrain: none.
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: Takes 15% more harm damage.
Immune to: physical diseases
Damage Regeneration: moderate (2/5)
Mana Regeneration: moderate (2/5)
Endurance Regeneration: average (3/5)
Emotes: aglow, ahalo, aradiance, asmile, aspread and atouch.
Good Guild Matches: druid, paladin, and templar.
Average Guild Matches: abjurer, fighter, hand, jomsviking, psionicist, ranger and sentinel
Poor Guild Matches: alchemist, bard, biomancer, cultist, fallen, mage, merchant, and monk

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