Altars offer good-aligned players the possibility of getting the beneficial effects of Templar spells without a Templar being present.


Creating an altar (by a Templar):

  1. Sanctuary to be able to invoke the next spell.
  2. Create altar
  3. Bless at altar to charge the altar.
  4. Repeat step 3 until bored.

Using an altar (anyone with good alignment):

  1. Get hurt. The next step requires you to be at less than full HP.
  2. Find a charged altar and pray.


Effects decrease with alignment. Angelic players receive a greater miracle; this scales down to lesser miracle and bless.
TODO: what happens to evilbies?


An altar may be used as preparation for a situation where a greater miracle becomes necessary. Also, Templars below level 20 (at which they gain the greater miracle spell) may use them to cause greater miracles. Create altar is a level 18 spell, but bless is only level 10 and two altars always exist, one in the Cleric guild in Abarack and another in the Missionary guild north of Scarrowfell.

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