Alignment is a necessary and unfortunate side-effect of your actions. It most clearly comes about as the result of killing people, but that is not always the only modifier to alignment. Some quests, a few guilds, and other unique situations are determined or influenced by your alignment. Players who kill evil beings become more good, players who kill good beings become more evil. To consistently keep the alignment of good or evil, one must also kill consistently. Neutral beings have a range of alignment somewhere in between.

The following guilds have alignment restrictions:
Cultist (evil)
Fallen (evil)
Monk (neutral)
Necromancer (evil)
Paladin (good)
Templar (good)

If you do not have the appropriate alignment, you will not be able to join the guild, advance in levels in it, or train skills/study spells in it. Note that the more powerful the monster, the more good or evil it is.

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