Alchemist Enchantment Colors

Items enchants grant 3 and 1/3rd points of stat per slot and you round down, with Indigo and Magenta being the exceptions. Keep in mind the level restrictions on stats gained are still in place, 1 point max per 3 character levels from an item, so even though you can get +30 points of stat, you'd need 90 levels to get all of the benefit.
In other words:
1 slot item = 3 points of stat
2 slot item = 6 points of stat
3 slot item = 10 points of stat
4 slot item = 13 points of stat
5 slot item = 16 points of stat
6 slot item = 20 points of stat

  • Blue glow: +3 SPR
  • Gold glow: +3 PERCEPTION
  • Green glow: +3 LUCK
  • Grey glow: +3 DEXTERITY
  • Indigo glow: +1 EPR
  • Magenta glow : +6 HPR
  • Maroon glow : +3 STRENGTH
  • Pink glow : +3 CHARISMA
  • Purple glow : +3 WISDOM
  • Red glow : +3 CONSTITUTION
  • Silver glow : +3 AGILITY
  • Yellow glow : +3 INTELLIGENCE


Basics :

  • Stone = Disintegration
  • Sulfur = Poison
  • Rust = Acid
  • Ice = Cold
  • Flame = Fire
  • Void = Asphyxiation
  • Cloud = Illusion
  • Lightning = Electrical
  • Antimatter = Harm
  • Type "help fundamentals" for the diagram


  • Stone + Flame = Rust (Acid)
  • Flame + Lightning = Cloud (Illusion)
  • Lightning + Ice = Void (Asphyxiation)
  • Ice + Stone = Sulpher (Poison)
  • Cloud + Sulfur = Antimatter (Harm)
  • Void + Rust = Antimatter (Harm)

Elementalize Flags on Equipment:

  • Stone = Popping
  • Sulfur = Yellow
  • Rust = Rusty
  • Ice = Frosted
  • Flame = Flaming
  • Void = Globulus
  • Cloud = Misty
  • Lightning = Crackling
  • Antimatter = Black

Elementalizing a weapon changes up to 33% of the Physical damage the weapon does to non-physical of the fundamental type used. Elementalize cannot replace non-physical damage.
Elementalizing armor give a resistance to the fundamental type used. The item gains 3% per slot covered for single and dual slot items. For items that cover 3 or more slots, the item gains 10% for every 3 slots and 3% for any extra slots (so a 7 slot item get 23% for 2 sets of 3 and 1 extra).


(Thanks to Quicksilver for his help finding Ultrarares)

Adamantium Ore ULTRARARE Crypt
Adamine Rarish Crypt
Aluminium Ore Rarish Crypt
Amazonite Common Sosel
Amethyst Geode ULTRARARE Crypt
Ankerite Uncommon Welstar
Apatite Rare Crypt
Apophyllite Common Perdow
Aragonite Rarish Sosel
Azurite Uncommon Sosel
Barite Common Crypt
Basalt Prolific Wysoom
Benitolite Uncommon Welstar
Benzenoids ULTRARARE Raji
Beryl Common Crypt
Boulangerite ULTRARARE Raji
Calcite Common Sosel
Cerrussite Rare Raji
Chalcopyrite Prolific Crypt
Clay Prolific Welstar
Cloud Creep Rarish Raji
Cobalt Rare Crypt
Conglomerate Common Wysoom
Crocoite ULTRARARE Sosel
Cryolite Rarish Crypt
Cuprite Common Perdow
Cuprosklodowskite Rarish Crypt
Cyanotrichite Rare Raji
Dioptase Rare Sosel
Drop of Mercury ULTRARARE Crypt
Dufrenite Uncommon Crypt
Emerald Rarish Sosel
Erythrite ULTRARARE Crypt
Flint Prolific Welstar
Flourite Common Perdow
Galena Rarish Perdow
Gandrin Common Perdow
Gold Nugget ULTRARARE Crypt
Granite Common Sosel
Gypsum Prolific Sosel
Haematite Rarish Perdow
Halite Common Wysoom
Iron Ore Common Crypt
Iron Pyrites Uncommon Welstar
Kammerite Rarish Crypt
Limestone Common Welstar
Lump Of Coal Common Crypt
Magnetite Rare Wysoom
Malachite Uncommon Crypt
Magnesium sulphate Rarish Crypt
Manganite Uncommon Welstar
Marcasite Rare Crypt
Mimetite Prolific Crypt
Mithril Ore ULTRARARE Crypt
Morganite Uncommon Wysoom
Muscovite Common Perdow
Pharmacolite Rarish Welstar
Piece Of Tin Uncommon Crypt
Pinch Of Sand Common Perdow
Picropharmacolite ULTRARARE Welstar
Powder Sulphur Rarish Crypt
Pyromorphite Rarish Crypt
Pyrrhotite Rarish Crypt
Quartz Common Crypt
Realgar Rare Crypt
Rhodocrosite Common Sosel
Rose Quartz Rarish Crypt
Rubellite Uncommon Crypt
Shale Uncommon Sosel
Silver Ore Rarish Welstar
Slate Common Perdow
Smithsonite Uncommon Wysoom
Spessartine Rarish Welstar
Stephanite Rarish Crypt
Stibnite Common Perdow
Tennanite Uncommon Welstar
Topaz Uncommon Sosel
Torbernite Rare Sosel
Tourmaline Common Crypt
Tsumcorite Rare Wysoom
Vanadinite Common Sosel
Variscite Rarish Wysoom
Vivianite Rarish Sosel
Wavellite Rarish Perdow
Wulfenite Common Crypt
Zinc Rare Crypt


Acorn Uncommon Welstar
Adder's mouth Uncommon Crypt
Algae Common Wysoom
Allspice Common Sosel
Aloe Uncommon Welstar
Angelica Rarish Perdow
Arnica Uncommon Sosel
Bamboo Shoots Rarish Sosel
Banewort Rare Crypt
Barberry Uncommon Welstar
Barley Uncommon Sosel
Basil Common Welstar
Bishopwort Rarish Welstar
Black Lotus ULTRARARE Sosel
Black Mushrooms Rarish Perdow
Blackthorn Uncommon Perdow
Bladderwrack Common Wysoom
Boneset Rarish Welstar
Calabrin Rare Perdow
Calamus Uncommon Welstar
Capsicum Uncommon Sosel
Catnip Common Welstar
Clover Common Welstar
Coltsfoot ULTRARARE Welstar
Dead Mans Fingers Rarish Crypt
Dead Men's Bells Rarish Crypt
Deadly Nightshade Rarish Perdow
Desert Rue Rare Crypt
Devil's Claw Rare Perdow
Ebil Uncommon Wysoom
Echinacae Rare Welstar
Elderberry Uncommon Sosel
Fairy Gloves Rare Wysoom
Four Leaf Clover ULTRARARE Welstar
Foxglove Rarish Sosel
Garlic Uncommon Welstar
Ginger Root Uncommon Sosel
Goldenrod Uncommon Sosel
Gooseberry Uncommon Sosel
Grass Prolific Welstar
Ivy Uncommon Sosel
Jack In The Pulpit Rarish Welstar
Jasmine Rarish Sosel
Juniper Berry Uncommon Sosel
Kif Uncommon Sosel
Lichen Uncommon Crypt
Maidenhair Rare Welstar
Magic Mushrooms Rare Perdow
Mandrake Rare Perdow
Mistletoe Rare Wysoom
Myrrh Rare Sosel
Oats Uncommon Welstar
Parsley Common Raji
Pearl Moss Uncommon Sosel
Peat Moss Uncommon Welstar
Purple Loosestrife Rare Perdow
Pussywillow Bark Common Wysoom
Rose Petals Rarish Welstar
Rose thorn Uncommon Welstar
Saffron ULTRARARE Sosel
Sage Common Perdow
Snakeweek Uncommon Sosel
Thyme Uncommon Sosel
Violet Uncommon Raji
White Bryony Common Raji
Wild Mushrooms Common Perdow
Willowherb Uncommon Welstar
Wormwood Uncommon Crypt

Source Material: William Travis

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