Akan's Labyrinth

Akan Cloran was a wealthy merchant on Perdow, making his fortune by renting out many slum-like dwellings to various citizens of lesser incomes. His own place was like an underground vault, where it was rumored that he kept all his riches. In the later years of his life, it is rumored madness overtook him, some say brought on by suspicion of his own family, some say by paranoia over potential theives… Whatever his reasons, Akan soon began to build onto his home, adding an entire second layer with traps to further protect his treasure. Noone knows when the building stopped, but his home's entrance has remained northeast of Scarrowfell, iron doors open. Some looters have reported great finds within, but also great terrors…and some have even said they made it as far to see Akan himself…or whats left of him.
-From 'Writings of a Wandering Monk'

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Akan's Labyrinth is a newbie area on perdow. It is not level locked (used to be 50). It contains lots of traps, Akan himself, and a few undead. It was coded by Rine.
Directions from ngate scarrowfell: 3ne

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