Description: The abjurer guild is dedicated towards protective magics. The members use spiritual energy in order to focus their magc into a number of forms. The abjurer studies hard and meditates on the world around them. The teachings contained within the abjurer magic set the abjurer on the path that the world is inherently a dangerous place and that adventurers need all the help they can get in order to survive. The various forms of abjurer magic allow the abjurer to lessen the effects of harmful situations in which adventurers may find themselves placed. Abjurers prefering to be indescript do not tend to call attention to themselves either by action, demeanor or dress. Abjurers prefer robes of dark green and brown, allowing themselves to blend in, but when appropriate they will follow local fashion styles to further blend in. The protective energies that the abjurer uses is a direct result of there deep reverence for life and the philosophies that stress compassion and selflessness. Abjurers tend to be thoughtful, orderly, gentle-natured, and soft-spoken, going out of their way by demeanor and dress code to avoid attention. Owing to their mastery of protective forces, abjurers tend to live to a ripe old age; it is not unusual to find abjurers well into old age still in adventuring parties. NOTE: Abjurers cannot wield weapons of any type after 15th level.
Leader bonus: 5 Wis
Champion bonus: 5 Wis. The ability to determine resistance on someone.

This guild uses Spiritual magic.
Hermetic Bulk: Minimal (1/4)
Spiritual Bulk: Minimal (1/4)

Level Skills Spells
1 attack
consider humanoid
magic missile
spiritual light
spiritual darkness
2 see magic
3 mana blessing
spirit eye
4 katsu
5 dagger infravision
sonic ball
6 shield of protection
7 ceremony
palm smash
floating disc
8 blurred image
cold ball
9 minor asphyxiation resistance
minor poison resistance
minor fire resistance
minor cold resistance
minor electrical resistance
10 displacement
minor physical resistance
polearm weapon restriction
axe weapon restriction
thin blade weapon restriction
broad blade weapon restriction
bludgeon weapon restriction
ancient weapon restriction
weaponbreaker weapon restriction
whip weapon restriction
11 meditation
minor illusion resistance
12 chi casting shadow armor
minor acid resistance
13 minor disintegration resistance
minor harm resistance
aura detection
14 incapacitate airsteel
damage wards
telemantic protection
ember ball
15 aikido spell parry
major asphyxiation resistance
major electrical resistance
dagger weapon restriction
staff weapon restriction
shield weapon restriction
bow weapon restriction
large throwing weapon restriction
medium throwing weapon restriction
small throwing weapon restriction
net weapon restriction
thunderstick weapon restriction
crossbow weapon restriction
sling weapon restriction
16 iron will
major fire resistance
major cold resistance
17 major poison resistance
major illusion resistance
major sonic resistance
18 dispel magic
major disintegration resistance
major acid resistance
19 protection from holds
major harm resistance
asphyxiation ball
20 major physical resistance
acid ball
disintegration ball
static ball
mass shield

Stat Potential:
Str: none (0/7)
Agi: little (2/7)
Dex: little (2/7)
Con: little (2/7)
Int: little (2/7)
Wis: little (2/7)
Per: none (0/7)
Cha: none (0/7)

Point Potential:
HP: little (2/7) HPR: little (2/7)
SP: average (4/7) SPR: average (4/7)
EP: little (2/7) EPR: little (2/7)

Category Bonuses:
Unarmed combat: tiny (1/7)
Religious Skill: tiny (1/7)
Abjuration Spiritual Spell: small (3/7)
Fire Spiritual Spell: tiny (1/7)
Earth Spiritual Spell: tiny (1/7)
Water Spiritual Spell: tiny (1/7)
Air Spiritual Spell: tiny (1/7)
Physical Spiritual Spell: tiny (1/7)

Note: at level 15 aikido becomes your martial form, even if you don't train the skill.

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